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Published Date: 13-02-2015
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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Many companies do not think that they need tender writing assistance. They feel they know their business and therefore feel comfortable in writing about the services they provide.

However, it is worth considering obtaining support to win an important contract, to ensure that your knowledge and passion is presented as professionally as possible to the assessor. Internal teams can take too much for granted and often miss key ideas and information about their company. Tender writing assistance takes many forms but the benefits are clear.

It’s a Competition

When bidding for a tender remember that you are competing directly against your rivals, and that therefore you should aim to score as highly as possible in order to secure first place. By aiming to produce a high quality and winning submission every time you will increase the chances of impressing assessors and encourage them to think as positively as possible and award you the most marks. A professional writer will dedicate their time to making each response as strong as it can be, using their skills and expert knowledge of procurement to sell the quality of your services.

Stress Reduction

Many of our clients write their own tender responses whilst trying to run their business, often leading to work that is rushed and incomplete due to an inability to dedicate the time required to the process. Outsourcing this service can massively reduce such stress and enable a dedicated professional to focus on helping you winning further contracts and identify further opportunities for development whilst you manage the day-to-day running of your business. You will still be involved in the bid writing process, but on terms that are wholly suited to your needs, such as providing important information and quality assuring the final response prior to its submission.

Due Diligence and Compliance

Whilst high quality, relevant and evidence-based content is key, it is equally vital to ensure that your responses comply fully with the prescribed requirements of the tender. Alongside the production of content, a professional writer will ensure that every question is answered correctly, no matter the size. They will also make sure that any page, word or character limits have been adhered to before the submission is finalised. Achieving compliance will not only avoid failure, it will highlight the ability of your business to meet the exact needs of the contracting authority.

Matching Content and Appearance

When writing a tender many businesses overlook the importance of a high quality image, and focus solely on writing winning content. This often results in a disorganised and untidy submission which does not provide a positive impression to the assessor. A professional writer will ensure that your responses are formatted and laid out to a high standard, as well as including contents and title pages where required, ensuring as high quality an appearance as possible.

Selling your Business

You may be passionate about your business and its services and believe that you are the best provider for the contract but is this message coming across in your responses? When writing responses too many companies do not fully sell the features and benefits of their services and most importantly, why they are better than their rivals’. Assessors are looking to see why you can undertake the work to a higher standard than your competitors. Therefore, a professional tender writer will work with you to draw out your strengths and make sure that these are represented within the finalised submission.

Critical Evaluation

When bidding for contracts it is important to be able to critically analyse the systems that you use in order to make sure that you are able to consistently win contracts. This includes assessing the quality of your policies and procedures, ensuring that you maintain a stock library of case studies, examples and statistics, and that your certifications are kept updated. An independent gap analysis undertaken by a tender writing professional will assess the quality of the supporting information and documentation that you hold. They will work with you to continually improve these documents to aid your chances of success.

We have offered full tender writing support to thousands of companies and can provide the same high quality and professional assistance to you. For more information on how you win more PQQs contact us free on 0800 612 5563 or email

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