Tender Writing for the Care Sector

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Writing a tender for the care sector is very different from most other professional services and industries.

We have found that we need to take a slightly different approach when writing tenders for the care sector and that the writing must be sharper, more persuasive and compelling and must deal with the specifics of delivering the service to a wide range of vulnerable groups.

Writing a tender for providing care in the public sector is about compliance, capacity, due diligence, high standards, policies and procedures and safeguarding.

Care Sector Tenders

We have written PQQ and tender responses for a range of care sector tenders;

  • Domiciliary Care
  • Residential Care and Associated Services (young persons)
  • Nursing home care
  • Independent (supported) Accommodation and Services
  • Patient transportation services
  • Adult mental health employment
  • Supported living services to people with learning disabilities
  • Enhanced domiciliary care

Care providers struggle to write effective tenders because they are normally focussed on delivery. Writing a tender for the care sector seems to them like talking about the means rather the ends. Tenders in the care sector are easier in some ways though. The plethora of inspections, standards and guidelines in the care sector, very often mean that it is easier to write than it is for others. By that I mean that most of the processes in the care sector are inspected as routine and that most of the evidence required to complete a tender in the care sector already exists, its just that the care providers do not realise it.

Terminology within the tender is also often a problem. Care providers are usually very good at understanding their own profession and the terminology and language but sometimes struggle with business vocabulary.
If you know someone who needs help completing a care sector tender give them our contact details and we can provide a free initial consultation and help them to complete their tender in the care sector regardless of particular service.

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