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Published Date: 7-07-2022
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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You have identified an opportunity suitable for your organisation. However, the short notice deadline is prohibitive – not a problem! We explain below how Executive Compass’s experience, size and expertise can be used to support the submission of quality tenders – even with only a few days’ notice.

There is a tendency to assume that weeks of preparation are needed to produce a competitive tender submission, which is not always possible, particularly when you consider factors such as:

  • Resource – i.e. your team are busy with their ‘day job’ and do not have the time to dedicate to the tender.
  • Timeframe – the amount of work required for the tender submission may appear unachievable when faced with a short deadline.
  • Experience – your team are not familiar with what is required, how to start, and how to put together a comprehensive tender submission, particularly under a tight time constraint.


You should not let this put you off completing a bid if you feel you have a high chance of success. With the right support from Executive Compass, you will be expertly guided through the process of producing a bid-winning response, even at short notice.



Our team

 Since formation in 2009, our team of directly employed professional bid writers has steadily increased, as has our skill and capacity to produce winning bids. We have developed an efficient service delivery model which has an 85% success rate and can flexibly accommodate last-minute requests for assistance.

Operations Manager Pedro Queiroz has complete oversight of our team’s capacity and will allocate work on the basis of availability and specialist subject knowledge. Where appropriate, more than one writer will be assigned to a project to ensure that quality tender responses are produced and reviewed within the agreed timescale.

Daily team check-ins provide a platform to ensure that projects are on track for completion, with contingency measures in place to manage unforeseen incidents such as staff illness. Writers are encouraged to work collaboratively, sharing best practice, innovative solutions and supporting one another to succeed.


Our knowledge and experience

 We are responsive and adaptive to the ever-changing landscape of tendering, training our bid writing team in policy reforms and industry updates to equip them with the tools and expertise to guide clients through the often-complex process of preparing a winning response. Technical Director Matthew Walker delivers an informative, company-wide toolbox talk weekly, to ensure the continual perfection of our writing standard and evaluation methods.

Our team benefits from a variety of subject specialists, who coach our bid team to identify additional social, economic and environmental benefits that a client could deliver as part of the contract, which can make the difference between a great bid and a winning bid. As a result, even when bids have a short deadline and require an accelerated turnaround, we can always work consultatively, bringing expertise to every part of the submission.


The process

 After an initial no-obligation consultation to discuss the opportunity and help you make an informed bid/no bid decision, you will be provided with a bid quotation which clearly defines the time required to produce high-quality, persuasive responses. Our dedicated sales and marketing team will process your enquiry and introduce you to your bid writer once the electronic paperwork is complete.

 Our success is underpinned by our committed, professional team and the robust processes they follow. For each opportunity, we will:

  • Analyse the tender specification, ensuring that we have a good understanding of contract requirements, and consider why certain questions are included.
  • Undertake wider research, taking into consideration any local or industry-specific priorities such as social value initiatives, carbon neutrality etc.
  • Gather information during a Teams/telephone call at a time convenient to you. Your dedicated writer will prepare an answer plan to tease out value-adding details and guide you through the process.
  • Create a response that is concise, detailed and well written, making it simple for the evaluator to identify your competency and compliance and, most importantly, allocate bid-winning marks.
  • Conduct an internal audit through one of our four experienced reviewers to guarantee a thorough response has been produced addressing all points in the specification.
  • Submit to you for your comments and review, to ensure complete satisfaction.


This whole process, where timescales are particularly tight, can happen within a few days.


Our commitment to you

We do what we say we will when we say we will do it. Proposals produced on your behalf will be bespoke, high quality and persuasive. The range of testimonials available on our website provide further evidence of our professionalism, capability and reliability in supporting you to win business-changing bids, even when timeframes are short. For more information, please email

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