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Published Date: 20-01-2015
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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Preparing tender and contract documents requires skill and practice. For many companies this is the key to expansion through public or private sector tendering.

It is important to be prepared and do everything you can to ensure the highest quality submission.

Plan ahead

A big advantage when completing tender documents is gained by planning ahead. Many companies don’t realise that a lot of the work can actually be completed prior to the release of a contract.

Planning ahead involves preparing all supporting documents such as policies and procedures, case studies and accreditations. It is also beneficial to create a company template that will make your submission stand out from other bids.

This process is known as becoming “bid ready” and also involves the creation of a bid library. This is a database of model answers to potential tender questions which both improves quality and saves time when completing the bid.

Read the specification

The specification is your guide to completing the tender. The main thing to ensure is that your company is fully compliant with everything set out otherwise there is simply no point bidding.

Follow each step of the specification to the letter and you can be sure your bid will compliant. It is also worth noting down important points such as word limit, format and necessary supporting documents. This will allow you to refer back as you complete the bid.

Quality assurance

The key to creating a bid of the highest quality is having a thorough review process in place. This means that every response undergoes at least one quality check by another team member, or even a professional proof reader.

Quality checks mean that your bid remains factual and well written. In some cases even the smallest error is enough for the contracting authority to fail your company.

Feedback and improve

A high and sustained success rate is only achieved through analysis of evaluator feedback and the constant improvement of your internal bid library.

Whether your bid is successful or not you should always request feedback from the contracting authority. This will show which areas were good and which were bad, allowing you to strengthen your model answers and supporting documents.

A bid library is always changing and should be adapted for every specific bid. Do not rely on your model answers if they are not relevant, and do not just copy and paste responses from your bid library.

Each tender requires a unique response, specifically tailored to that contract. Companies with the highest success rates are constantly adapting and improving their submissions.

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