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Published Date: 6-03-2012
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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Our PQQ writing team specialises in writing domiciliary care PQQs and tenders.

We know how hard it can be completing a PQQ for the domiciliary care sector and we realise how important it is to progress to the tender stage.

The provision of Domiciliary Care is classified as a Part B Service under the Public Contracts Regulations 2006. This means that the provision of Domiciliary Care Procurement will follow the rules and principles set out for the commissioning of Part B Services under those Regulations. You must follow a structured process when completing your PQQ. The term Domiciliary Care Services encompasses the provision of a range of personal care and support to individuals living in their own homes. Domiciliary Care services funded by the Council are provided to individuals who are identified as being eligible for Community Care services following an assessment of need.

The object of the PQQ process in domiciliary care is to assess the responses to the PQQ and select Potential Providers to proceed to the next stage of the procurement. Normally when you complete the document, potential providers will need to demonstrate an ability to provide care services to vulnerable people in their own homes.

A typical domiciliary care PQQ might be laid out as follows:

• Contact information
• Organisation information
• Consortiums
• Sub- contracting
• Financial information
• Professional and business history
• Insurance
• Compliance with Public Contracts Regulations
• Health & Safety
• Quality assurances
• Disputes
• Personalisation
• Equality & Diversity
• Technical capability
• References
• List of service areas
• Declaration

It all appears a little daunting at times, but our specialist domiciliary care PQQ writers will be able to guide you through even the most complex PQQ. Our expert PQQ writers have so much experience that they are able to easily provide responses to the standard and more problematic domiciliary care questions. Typical questions our teams can respond to in a PQQ include:

Experience and expertise of undertaking contracts/services of a similar nature, with particular reference to ‘Service Delivery’.

Does your company currently use / would be able to have in place at the start of the contract a Real Time Monitoring system that can provide the Council with evidence of a) actual delivered time in minutes b) evidence of the care worker in attendance c) planned v. actual time delivered d) Consolidated actual time delivered for invoicing purposes?

Does your company operate a proactive approach inviting customer opinions / feedback and mechanisms for collating / reporting & acting upon the feedback in your current contracts?

Confirm you comply with your obligations under the TUPE regulations and describe your previous experience.

The PQQ writers at Executive Compass® fully understand all of these questions and can deliver powerful responses.

Traditionally, Domiciliary Care services have been delivered to the individual in their own home, but with the advent of the Transforming Adult Social Care policy agenda, and the development of Personalisation, this is changing. To successfully deliver both Transformation and Personalisation, the Council must ensure that service users are given increasing levels of choice and control over how and when their care and support is provided. To support this increased choice and control, Councils require successful tenderers for their Domiciliary Care service contracts to offer services to individuals which actively support them to, for example, access mainstream community facilities and which more generally promote their independence and wellbeing. In this regard, the service to be delivered will have similarities to that offered by an employed Personal Assistant. This will increasingly require a more flexible workforce, and more flexibility in how this workforce is deployed. Our domiciliary care PQQ writers can help to ensure you progress to the next stage.

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