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Published Date: 19-09-2014
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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Many clients approach us because they don’t have the time, resources or skill set to produce the best quality tender submission for their company. This doesn’t mean that they can’t deliver the contract; it is in fact quite the opposite, with many clients being very well placed to supply the work: it is portraying their strengths and competencies in the bid for the contract that is the tricky task. It requires a specific skill, and this means outsourcing bid management is a common occurrence and something with which we assist firms every single day.

The Benefits of Outsourcing PQQ and Tender Writing

As well as clients who outsource PQQs and tenders due to a lack of resources, we also work with companies who have a fully competent bid team but require extra assistance or a different perspective. We regularly provide tender support for a “must win” bid or work alongside clients to improve their bid processes and recommend specific ways in which the organisation can improve to secure that vital contract.

Experienced bid writers and managers are going to be more skilled and are therefore best placed to organise the bid process and analyse the submission. This can include: deconstructing the questions, delegating to the bid team, gathering relevant information, structuring the response and compiling evidence and supporting documents. All of these contribute to assembling a winning response for your organisation.

It may also be more time effective to outsource your bid to a professional writer who will be able to complete the submission in a shorter time frame due to their experience and skill. This is often the case in last minute submissions where organisations don’t have the resources to complete a bid successfully in a short time frame alongside their every day job duties. This might mean it is also cost effective for the submission to be completed externally, with members of the organisation being allocated to other projects and therefore spending time more efficiently.

An External Perspective

Outsourcing submissions to an external bid writer allows someone outside the organisation to provide a fresh pair of eyes and new ideas. Managing a bid is never an easy task: sometimes this can prove a lot simpler for an external bid manager who is able to identify weaknesses and fully supervise the process.

Having another person to assist or lead your bid can also ease the stress of the whole process. This in itself relieves pressure for staff and means resources can be allocated elsewhere instead of spending time worrying about the bid!

We use a number of communication techniques to work closely alongside organisations in creating the strongest possible response. Whether we are working on site or remotely, you can feel assured that our fresh perspective will add value to your bid process.

Completing the Bid

When it comes to actually writing the bid, we can be as involved as you would like. This ranges from managing 100% of the PQQ or tender, to partial bid writing and reviewing, where we work alongside your bid team to offer our suggestions and improvements. We have worked on thousands of submissions over the years and have developed effective bid processes which can be implemented into your organisation.

A number of different stages and elements are involved when completing a bid which can be both confusing and time consuming. Our proven techniques and bid management processes will guide you through the PQQ or tender from identifying the opportunity right through to analysing feedback correctly.

Adding Value to Your Submission

Writing bids professionally has allowed our team of bid writers to know exactly what the contracting authority is looking for in a response. We help by strengthening your submission and therefore improving your current success rate and winning more tenders.

Whether you require full bid management, bid writing or review services, we are here to assist. Fill out our online contact form and one of our bid writers will get back to you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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