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No Holidays for Bid Managers

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It is estimated that large firms lose £30 million a year in lost contracts due to holidays and sickness.

If you’re a bid manager in a large organisation you’ll understand the importance of timing holidays. At no point can your team be under capacity otherwise your bids will suffer and you will ultimately lose business. Overseeing the bid process is a hugely important job and it takes a certain type of person to be able to do it. It is the very definition of a full-time job, meaning ‘all the time’ – that’s all day, evenings, weekends and even holidays.

Unless you have sufficient cover there is no way that a bid manager can take a holiday, which is where Executive Compass® come in. We are professional PQQ (pre qualification questionnaire), bid and tender writers and can help you secure those must-win contracts, even during holidays.

Executive Compass® provides companies with bid support whenever required and can run your bid management process effectively and efficiently. Outsourcing your bid management is more cost effective than hiring and training more staff and you can rely on us to deliver the highest quality work to any deadline.

There are many benefits to hiring Executive Compass® as your bid management team. All of our writers are cross-trained in every industry imaginable and are up to date on all current legislation. The internal quality processes we operate mean that as a client you can be sure that the work you receive is of the best possible quality, free from errors. The fact that we work on bids across a variety of industries on a daily basis, gives us a wealth of knowledge relating to the bid process, along with valuable evaluator feedback which is applied to each new submission.

We not only offer holiday and maternity cover, but any cover for unforeseen circumstances such as illness or injury. This means that you will never miss another bidding opportunity due to lack of staff. We are currently seeing an increase in people opting for outsourced bid management and many are already reaping the benefits.

Each bid management contract is tailored specifically to your company’s requirements and adapted to fit your schedule. We work to your time frame and allow you to dictate when we work.

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