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Published Date: 13-08-2015
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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An important point that is often overlooked when tendering is the presentation and layout of your tender document.

Although it may seem like an insignificant detail, the look and feel of your tender submission can affect the outcome.

Putting yourself in the place of the evaluator makes it easy to see how a well formatted, striking tender will stand out from other submissions and immediately set you apart from your competition. High quality content is also necessary, but for your submission as a whole it is important to consider the impact the document will have. A bland, unformatted tender will not inspire the evaluator whereas a well-designed and organised document will catch their attention and interest.

A high quality, professionally produced tender allows your content to shine and gives you the perfect platform to promote your business. When there are no stipulations on formatting this is your chance to make the most of the submission and actually enjoy the process. Many find completing tenders rather tiresome, but when given free rein to design and format you can create something great.

Executive Compass® are professional PQQ, bid and tender writers and can work with you to produce the best quality submission. Along with our writing services we carry out all design and formatting work where allowed within the document criteria. Our design team create unique submissions that will make you stand out from the crowd giving you that last push to secure a contract.

The design of your bid submission also helps with the creation of a bid theme which runs through the document. We incorporate company logos and colours, forming a template that you may utilise on all subsequent submissions. Once we have established a format for your bids this will speed up the process the next time, as well as reducing future costs.
As with all of our repeat business, the costs will reduce over time as we build a tender library and become more familiar with your business. You will be assigned a lead and back-up writer whose work is quality checked by a company director, before being proof read by an industry professional.

All of these quality processes ensure that your final submission is the best it can possibly be, giving you a better chance of securing those must-win contracts. As we understand the restraints of budgets, our services can be tailored for each individual, providing you with a fully bespoke service.

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