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Published Date: 8-08-2017
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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In early July, we posted a blog giving an insight into bid writing and the not-so-average tender submission. The blog was based on our experiences of reading more than 10,000 unique ITTs, PQQs, and selection questionnaires from across a wide breadth of industries and sectors, and explored the lack of any apparent correlation between the value of the opportunity, the number of questions, and the size of the written response.

The blog didn’t cover just why businesses contact us in the first place, what exactly are they looking for from us, and the many ways in which we can help them.

Tender writing services

We have completed more than 3,000 tenders for SMEs and large companies over the last eight years. Clients may initially want us to:

  • Confirm their understanding of the minimum criteria needed to submit a compliant bid, such as annual turnover, trading status, or certifications and accreditations. The public sector selection questionnaire is designed to reduce the field of runners and riders, and our free advice can prevent costly decisions to enter the wrong race.
  • Evaluate the likelihood of their bid succeeding and discuss its feasibility. We don’t make a habit of losing. We recognise that the content of the bid must be both deliverable and commercially viable, and therefore we offer a robust bid/no bid process.
  • Consider feedback they have received from a previous bid and advise how they can improve their next submission. Lessons are learnt from every winning and losing bid, and in recognising the value of this, we are happy to dissect feedback.
  • Clarify specific questions or ambiguous questions within the tender. The seemingly interchangeable use of words such as mobilisation and implementation can result in the misinterpretation of questions. Our experience prevents time being wasted answering questions that aren’t being asked.
IT Solutions

For many, the explanation for using us is crystal clear, simple and straightforward. A tender opportunity has been identified, and, perhaps attracted by our 87%-win rate, or following a referral from a satisfied and successful customer, they want their tender response to be a professionally written and winning one. They therefore ask us to provide a no-obligation quotation for bid writing, review, training, or proof-reading services.

Many of these have been uploaded through our website or sent directly to us by care companies, recruitment agencies, cleaning firms, transport providers, dentists, glaziers, grounds maintenance experts, asbestos removal specialists, civil engineering, interpreting services, mechanical and electrical contractors, IT companies, and facilities management consultancies to name just a few.

Contact is welcomed from all companies, and in our role as business consultants we enjoy utilising our experience and expertise to provide guidance and support to those in need.

Whatever the reason for contacting us or uploading tender documents, we will be pleased to hear from you, and are happy to provide advice and quotations at no charge and without obligation. The strength of our business lies in the longevity of our customer relationships, and we are therefore happy to invest time in establishing new links with businesses we can help to succeed.

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