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Published Date: 20-09-2010
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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Winning business through bidding for contracts is common practice now, and the process often starts with a PQQ. Give yourself the best chance of being shortlisted by seeking professional assistance with PQQ writing.

What is a PQQ?

Many contracts are now awarded through companies being invited to tender for the work, and the process begins with the submission of a PQQ – a Pre Qualification Questionnaire. This is rather like a CV, but for a company rather than an individual. The aim of the PQQ is twofold: it assesses the suitability of companies wishing to bid for a contract, and provides a method of creating a shortlist. It also saves both parties time and money through weeding out unsuitable candidates before they commit to the lengthier tender application process. The PQQ will demonstrate that the company has the skills and resources needed to fulfil the contract and also has any relevant policies and certification in place. Companies passing the PQQ stage will then be invited to submit tender applications. In short, the PQQ acts as a checklist and only those submitting effective PQQs will be shortlisted – so it is highly advisable that you seek assistance with PQQ writing.

Why seek professional assistance with PQQ writing?

The PQQ starts with basic information such as company name, address, VAT number and so on, and will go on to collect data about ISO certification, health and safety policies, environmental accreditation, experience in the market, references, accounts etc.

However, writing a PQQ isn’t simply a matter of filling in a few bits of information, and seeking professional assistance with writing a PQQ is always a good idea. A PQQ writer will know the process inside out. They will know which sections hold the most weight and how the PQQ will be assessed, and they’ll understand how to structure the answers in order to be successful. Writing PQQs is a time consuming task and it’s often something that has to be done at short notice. A hastily written PQQ is unlikely to get you shortlisted, but if you seek assistance from a professional PQQ writer, they will be able to put the submission together quickly and accurately. PQQ writers will often work on weekends or overnight to complete applications in time, but because they are experts at writing PQQs, they will be able to complete them quickly and at short notice whilst retaining the quality. They may also be able to supply you with a portfolio of information that you can use on future PQQs, so investing in assistance with PQQ writing once could save you money in the long term.

Finally, we are not all born with the ability to write clearly and concisely. A PQQ writer is, first and foremost, an expert writer. It is this combination of skilful writing and knowledge of the PQQ process that makes seeking professional assistance with PQQ writing an essential task.

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