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Published Date: 23-03-2010
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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Completing a PQQ accurately is very important and much like tenders there are one or two basic rules when completing them.

When completing a PQQ you should:

  1. Read it through very carefully before completing a PQQ. There will be important information about how to present it, what font to use, how to answer etc. To make sure of completing the PQQ properly you must read through it.
  2. Have all your information at hand before you begin completing a PQQ. Otherwise you may forget to return to a section and finish it off.
  3. Completing a PQQ takes time, sometimes quite a bit of time. So make sure you allow yourself sufficient time to complete it.
  4. Make sure that you submit the PQQ in the correct format. There are a variety of formats that are regularly requested including: electronically via e-mail, hard copy, burnt to disc, or via an e-portal. Sometimes three at once!
  5. Never submit a PQQ late. If you submit your PQQ late there is a good chance that you will be excluded from the evaluation process. So, when completing a PQQ ensure you have plenty of time.
  6. If you do not understand something ask for clarification. All PQQ have a process in place for asking questions, usually via e-mail, but sometimes they have a cut off date whereby you cannot ask. This provides another reason when completing a PQQ, to complete it in plenty of time. Remember though that if you ask a question both the question and the answer will be circulated to all those submitting that particular PQQ.
  7. Do not miss out any sections when completing your PQQ. Failure to answer all the questions could mean you are “non compliant” and your PQQ is excluded from evaluation.
  8. Make sure you include any policies that are requested. A common reason for completing a PQQ incorrectly is not including relevant policies. Things like; H&S and Sustainability policies are often forgotten about. Do not worry if you do not have any, we can provide PQQ writing services to help when we are completing your PQQ.
  9. Completing a PQQ can sometimes feel like doing a jigsaw, if there is more than one person completing a PQQ make sure at least one of them is acting a Project Manager, that way there is less chance of something not getting done.
  10. Never lie when completing a PQQ. You will be found out! You may go through to the tender stage and your lie may even remain undetected until contract award. However, once found out you risk losing the contract.

Completing a PQQ can be difficult and there are sometimes technical sections within the PQQ which make completing it difficult. However if you come to a professional PQQ writing service like Executive Compass we can be completing a PQQ for you, while you get on with running your business. Feel free to browse our site and obtain further insight into the work we do.

For more information on completing PQQs, watch this video below:

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