Bid Writing During Peak Holidays

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For companies that tender for contracts, bid writing never stops. Even during peak holidays a bid writer’s work is not finished and they must keep on writing and submitting tenders.

During these busy periods businesses can struggle as they may be left requiring support when staff take time off. The run up to holidays is always tough as both the contracting authority and those competing rush to complete the work.

In order to stand a chance of success you need to thoroughly plan ahead and determine exactly how your company will cope with a staff shortage. Here are some tips for tendering during the holidays:

Plan ahead

The key to success during busy periods is to really plan ahead. Look at contracts that are due to be released and assign team members early. It is important to know which team members are available and if you require additional support should there be a must-win contract at that time.

As always you should already have a working bid library in order to save time and improve the quality of your bid.

Plan your internal bid procedure so each staff member knows what is required. If you choose to use external support make sure they know their roles in the team.

The use of support should not be a last minute decision as professional bid writing companies are especially busy during these periods and require notice to complete your bids.

Getting support

In cases where you find the requirement for external support it is important to choose the right company and service for your needs.

There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to the services provided depending on how much involvement you need:

Review: For teams confident enough to complete their own bids but still requiring a second opinion, a review provides you with feedback and notes to incorporate prior to submission. This will ensure the highest quality bid.

Partial completion: If you have enough staff to write most of the bid but still need assistance with certain aspects, a partial completion is ideal and also includes a full review.

Full completion: Outsource the full completion of your bid to a team of professional bid writers.

Interim bid writer: This option is best suited to companies requiring the completion of multiple submissions. An interim bid writer will work with your company at your location and deliver full bid management services.

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