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Published Date: 7-10-2014
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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As you may know, our Managing Director, Neil, is a fitness fanatic and a seasoned runner, regularly taking part in a number of sporting events for charity. This year, three of our bid writers also decided (rather apprehensively!) to take part in the Kielder Run Bike Run alongside Neil, which took place on Saturday 4th October.

Tender Writing Docs

In a rare occurrence, 4 of our bid writers put down their pens for the weekend in exchange for the race, which consists of a 7 mile run followed by a 16 mile bike ride and lastly a 4 mile run, around the picturesque setting of Kielder reservoir. Neil completed all 3 legs of the competition himself, against a team of Tom, John and Matthew, who undertook a leg each. The Executive Compass office has been witness to an air of competitiveness and fighting talk for the past few weeks, as bets were made and challenges set.

It was set to be a windy, miserable day in Kielder – not ideal for our team’s growing concerns about the challenge ahead! However, the weather held out, and fortunately mud and wet weather weren’t added to the difficult terrain of the route. The first leg saw Tom up against Neil, with Neil gaining a good half an hour on the bid writing team come the first transition point. John then took over from Tom to complete the bike leg of the race, with the hopes of gaining some distance on a tiring Neil.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the case with John encountering a fall early on in the problematic cycle route and Neil charging ahead! This set Neil way ahead of the team for the final leg of the race and he finished before Matthew even started the last 4 miles. Matthew still managed to achieve a photo finish, overtaking a couple of competitors.

Given the vast difference in fitness levels between Neil and the rest of the team, a gracious effort was made by all. Neil completed the whole course in a fantastic 3 hours; with the team finishing in just over 4 hours – beating a few other individuals and finishing very happy with the result!

Team Building in Bid Writing

All our team had a great day out either competing in the Run Bike Run, or cheering on colleagues. A bit of office banter quickly turned into quite a hearty challenge; and definitely saw a few stiff joints come Monday morning!

This proved an excellent example of a team building activity, which is extremely important in any organisation but especially true in a bid team who need to work cohesively and closely alongside one another. Writing bids and tenders can be a stressful job at the best of times, with short deadlines and multiple bids. Undertaking an activity, as a team, outside the office environment encourages communication, morale and motivation – which are all essential when working on a PQQ or tender as our bid writers regularly quality assure each other’s work or co-write large bids.

As well as working closely as a team, we also work and communicate with clients on a daily basis. Strong working relationships have allowed us to retain a high number of clients and achieve an average of 60% repeat business.

Professional Bid Writers

As we repeat time and time again, two pairs of eyes are better than one when it comes to writing a tender. Our team of bid writers work closely alongside one another, and your organisation, to add value to your submission, improve your bid processes and ultimately win more tenders. To discuss your bid management requirements contact us today on 0800 612 5563.

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