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Published Date: 24-03-2015
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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Applying for public sector contracts is one of the most common ways companies find business and begin to expand within their sector.

In order to secure a contract you must progress through the bid process which begins with the completion of a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) then, should you pass, an invitation to tender (ITT).

Finding a contract

The first stage of securing a contract is to actually find one relevant to your organisation. The best way to do this is by looking on portals such as contracts finder, TED, or one of the many local authority portals.

You should ensure that your company meets all the requirements within the contract notice such as minimum turnover, years trading etc. If you do not meet these then there is no point submitting a bid.

Once you have found a contract it is time to express interest and wait to receive the documents.

Responding to the proposal

After expressing interest you will receive the PQQ, RFP or proposal documents, which are the first stage of the process. These must be completed and submitted before the deadline in order for you to progress to the next stage.

Other than compliance your company must clearly demonstrate why you are the best for the job. Highlight past experience, especially where you have gone the extra mile. Contracting authorities are always looking for added value within submissions.

If you can demonstrate relevant past experience and great added value then you are well on your way to securing the contract.

Should you pass the PQQ you will then be invited to tender. This document is similar to the first stage but much more detailed. Really emphasise what makes your company the best. Look at staff, health and safety, added value, past experience, cost effectiveness and anything else you can think of.

Pass this stage and you secure the contract.

Analysing the feedback and creating a bid library

Following receipt of the scores, if there is none included, always request thorough feedback on your submission. This will help you improve in the future by highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

A bid library is a collection of supporting documents and model answers that is constantly evolving with every piece of feedback. It is used to save time and improve the quality of future submissions. Creating a bid library drastically increases your win rate as a company.

Expert assistance

If you require more help when submitting a PQQ or ITT you may wish to seek expert assistance. Our team of bid writers are experienced in all sectors and can help your company secure more contracts.

We can be as involved as you want, whether that is consultation services, document review, partial completion or full bid management. Get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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