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Published Date: 23-04-2013
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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Are you a company who regularly bids into the public sector, but who struggles at either the PQQ, ITT or interview stage, or even during the entire tendering process? You are not alone.

This has often been the case for our clients, who then utilise either one, or a range, of our services, in order to help them stand out from the crowd of other potential service providers.

PQQ Stage

As those of you who bid regularly will know, the PQQ stage has never been more competitive than it is now. These documents are designed to exclude, rather than include, and it is the job of your Bid Writer or external Bid Writing Resource to ensure that your PQQ is both compliant and high scoring in order to maximise the chances of you being included in the next stage of the tendering process – the invitation to tender.

It is no longer enough to simply copy and paste boilerplate responses into a PQQ. The sheer level of competition means you need to tailor your responses to meet the specific requirements of the contracting authority, with documented evidence of your previous experience, and your ability to deliver added value. A high quality Bid Writer can do this for you.

ITT Stage

If you are successfully selected to progress on from the first stage of the tendering process, you will receive notification and subsequent documentation detailing your Invitation to Tender. Tenders can take a variety of forms, and the responses needed can have tremendously varied requirements which must be submitted as your response to the ITT.

You will typically be given a series of questions which require method statement responses, demonstrating how you will deliver the required services to the required specification. The answer can be as small as 1000 characters or longer than 10 pages, entirely depending on the nature of the question, the industry and the contracting authority. We have never seen two ITT documents that are the same, and it is up to a high quality Bid Writer to ensure that your responses meet the requirements of the contracting body whilst also demonstrating any added value or innovations you are able to bring to the contract.

Interview Stage

If you are successful at the ITT stage of the tendering process, you may be awarded the contract following the Alcatel period or you may find that you are one of three or so successful bidders who are invited to interview, deliver a presentation or host a site visit. It may also be possible that you are required to conduct several of these stages, which may even form part of the evaluation criteria for the contract. If you find that your interviews with the commissioning body are letting you down, why not let us know? We have previously conducted one day workshops on how to best prepare for an interview or presentation. We have also been able to deliver additional assistance when our clients are given questions in advance. We have been able to sit alongside them and tailor responses best suited to impress the authority, as well as assisting in the creation of Powerpoint documents for presentations.

If you find that you are failing at any of the stages within the tendering process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be able to tailor a solution specific to you, which will increase your potential successes in the public, or private, sector.

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