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Published Date: 23-09-2014
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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Whether you are a first time bidder, or a company who regularly tenders, you know that bid writing can be tough.

It is a great way for your business to win contracts but only if done right. Bid writing is a unique skill that takes years to perfect on your own, but with professional assistance your company can begin to be successful.

We are often asked about the benefits of our bid writing training, so we have outlined seven key reasons why you should consider getting professional help.

1. Writing PQQs and tenders is complicated

The bid process is incredibly complicated and can be very confusing. The purpose of the documents is to exclude bidders so it is important to understand exactly how to read and respond to a PQQ or tender.

If you do not fully understand what is required, then there is a risk you may be non-compliant and waste time and resources on a failed bid.

2. Winning contracts is important

Contracts are very important. They provide income and help your company expand and grow.

Because of this it is necessary to ensure that the bid you submit is of the best possible quality, in order to have the best chance of winning.

3. Your team may not be writers

Writing a bid is like no other writing. It is a skill that needs to be honed and applied directly to your specific company in a way that gets the most points from assessors.

If your team are not writers then they will struggle to get top marks on each section and as a result of this will lose the bid. The most common reason for a lost tender is nothing major, just a cumulative loss of points throughout the document.

4. Bid writing is a skill

Bid writing is a skill that you cannot self-teach without a lot of trial and error. There are specific ways to write and respond to questions and if completed incorrectly you will be penalised.

5. Save money

Bidding for contracts takes time and resources, because of this you need to ensure you have the best chance of success, otherwise it is just a waste.
Training gives you the necessary skills to complete a bid of the highest quality and therefore have the best chance of winning. This saves both time and money in the long run.

6. Improve your success rate

As well as saving time and money, bid training will vastly improve your success rate. This means that you can begin to confidently bid for more contracts knowing you have a good chance of winning.

7. Expert training cannot be beaten

There is no substitute for direct expert help. Executive Compass has completed hundreds of successful PQQs and tenders and can teach you how to do the same for your company.

For more information on our bespoke training you can visit our training page HERE or register your interest on our booking page.

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