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PQQ Process

Posted in Tender Writing & Bid Management

Having pre-existing material on file can be a double-edged sword. The main benefit is that it provides a library of reliable responses for use across commonly asked questions, reducing time spent in writing new answers and helping writers focus on other parts of the submission. However, knowing the library is there can encourage complacency and the taking of shortcuts which may result in organisations not scoring as well as they could.


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After an interesting 2016, we have reached the New Year: time for a New Year’s resolution (even if you do drop it very quickly), alongside that age-old commitment to detox and go to the gym more often! For many businesses, it’s a chance to do their own detox by reviewing existing working practices to determine areas for improvement and gain a strong foothold for the forthcoming year. Bid writing and tendering is one of the key areas that should be given attention. By focusing on the following points, you can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your processes:

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2016 has been an exciting year for the Executive Compass team. We have provided a short recap of our year and an insight into what our team has been up to.


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As a bid writing firm, naturally, we write a great deal on a daily basis. Just for fun, we recently decided to look at our team’s yearly output and what this equates to — you may be quite surprised (we were!).

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