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PQQ Process

Posted in Tender Writing & Bid Management

Picture the scene: two months ago you retained a contract you had with the local authority, and you’ve just finished the mobilisation period of a newly acquired one. Everything in your business is going swimmingly, and now you can continue with your routine of expert contract management,…

Scoring System

Posted in Tender Writing & Bid Management

Contract examples and requests for case studies are two subjects that appear in most PQQ and ITT documents. Neither usually causes much of a stir. In fact, the writing of responses to these items is often parked in a distant location by inexperienced bidders who only realise their mistake…


Posted in General

Sometimes there will be only a few marks between failing a bid and being awarded an important contract. When writing a tender every mark counts and you must be at the top of your game to overcome the competition and produce a high-quality bid submission.

A lot of companies see…


Posted in News

Many parts of the UK economy have experienced a post-Brexit slowdown, with consumers and companies experiencing a level of uncertainty. However, interestingly enough, there has been a high value of contracts published over the past six weeks, showing strong public sector spending and an increase in buyers’ confidence. We take…

Christian Rowe

Posted in General

The newest member of the Executive Compass team, Christian Rowe, provides an insight into his first month with the company and the types of projects he has been working on so far.

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