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At The Social Value Practice, our clients can access our cloud-based software for effective social value monitoring and reporting.

For many local government tenders, purchasing authorities require the completion of a social value matrix or social value calculator as part of the tendering process, which can then be used to track the social value delivered. However, where a tool isn’t specified (either by the local government authority, or for central government or private sector tenders), the purchasing body will be interested in the software platform and the social value measurement framework you will use to track, calculate and report your social value activities.

The Social Value Practice can provide you with access to a cloud-based software platform, which you can detail when responding to social value questions as part of your quality submission. You can then use the platform to monitor and report on all of your social value commitments if you are successful at the evaluation stage.

How it works

Monitoring and reporting on the social value you deliver will be a key requirement of contract management. Keeping track of multiple initiatives across a range of contracts can be a challenge. The Social Value Practice can provide you with access to an online social value tracking tool, which will provide a range of benefits to support organisations of all sizes through:

  • An ability to set up projects and assign different social value metrics and targets to each project
  • Assigning a data collector within you organisation who will be automatically notified via email to prompt them to enter data to enable ongoing monitoring
  • Uploading evidence of the social value activities completed, e.g. feedback questionnaires and photographs for auditing and transparency
  • Detailed reporting, including both the ability to aggregate data across a range of projects or contracts to demonstrate your organisational impact, or to filter results to specific projects and contracts.

The tool will also support your team to drive continuous improvement by setting goals and targets and monitor them in real time, and potentially support any SROI (social return on investment) studies you might implement.

Why use a recognised software solution

Adopting a recognised social value reporting solution demonstrates to purchasing authorities that your organisation is committed to delivering value and that investment in the local communities where you work and the contract workforce are at the core of your business values. Benefits of the solution we can provide access to include:

  • The automated system means there is no need to chase people to provide data, instead they are sent automatic alerts via email to prompt them
  • Streamlines the process of preparing internal and external reports
  • You can also add your own metrics and proxy values, enabling the system to automatically calculate the social value being delivered
  • Everything is accessed within one secure online platform providing an electronic audit trail of all the information entered.

Whether it’s to support your bidding activities or to streamline your monitoring and reporting, activities, the Social Value Practice’s tool will provide a flexible solution for demonstrating your commitment to social value.


At The Social Value Practice, we also provide social value training courses, ensuring your whole team are aware of the topic and understand how social value can be implemented, measured and monitored. Contact our team to find out more about our services today.