National Industrial Services Company – Strategic Bid Review

The company works across the whole of the UK, covering a range of industrial services from access and insulation to environmental services. We worked with the environmental sector developing their internal bid processes and reviewing previous submissions.

Industrial Services

Type of Project

Bid review services

Delivery model

A blended model of onsite (30%) and remote working (70%)

Lead writer

John Bilcliffe, supported by Matthew Walker

Duration of the bid

In excess of 12 months

Value to the client

In excess of £500 million spread over multiple bids


Industrial services

Main Challenges

The company had developed poor bidding practices

A large number of low quality, ‘cut and paste’ responses

A lack of understanding of PQQ and tender bidding procedures

Complacency had set in, meaning that substantial work was required

  • Geographical region – UK
  • Output – Updated policies and procedures; case studies, CVs and training plus an initial gap analysis and improvement plan/report
  • Weighting – Various but usually 60/40 or 70/30 weighted to quality
  • Submission – Mainly electronic with some hard copy or both
  • Outcome – Increased the annual win rate to 92%

We were approached by a company who work across the UK in a number of industrial services including highways, civil engineering and environmental services. The company contacted us after undertaking an internal review of their bid processes, from which they had identified a clear decline in their success rate over the preceding twelve months. We
therefore worked with their environmental sector to develop their internal bid processes and review previous submissions.

This project was led by John Bilcliffe, supported by Matthew Walker. Both worked on site for a short period collating relevant information from previous submissions, interviewing key staff and identifying key weaknesses. Once all relevant information was compiled both John and Matthew worked remotely to analysis the data; spot short and long-term trends; and identify areas of improvement to be discussed with the client.

Working in a series of logical steps in agreement with the client we undertook the following working methods:


All PQQ and tender submissions from the last 12 months were reviewed. Whilst timeconsuming, it was important to be thorough throughout this review process to identify the key issues. We analysed evaluator feedback and created a report which was presented to the client.


A number of worrying findings were discovered during the review stage. Across all tenders we found generic copy and paste responses, often in the wrong place and used out of context. Furthermore, the evidence and case studies used were weak and were not directly relevant to the specific contracts that they were bidding for. The answers given were stale and repetitive in the majority of submissions that we analysed, and the amount of copied material used was a great concern.

In total, these findings highlighted that the company was not selling its services, capabilities and experience to assessors as fully as possible. This was weakening their prospects of success and without any change in procedure would only serve to further reduce their success rate. In light of this information it was decided that the entire bid process would be
overhauled to improve future PQQ and tender submissions.


To address the considerable number of problems identified we updated all policies and procedures, working with the bid team to create strong case studies and establishing how to use them correctly. This helped to put in place strong evidence of skills, experience and capabilities that would be included within future submissions.

A live and updatable bid library was created, as a strong bid library of model answers allows a company to tender regularly, quickly, accurately and consistently, reducing the time taken to develop a really strong response. Having identified the repeated use of stale content in previous submissions we developed a bid library of previous high scoring responses to ensure that every response provided was of the highest quality. It is essential that a bid library is kept updated and adapted in accordance with every new submission and piece of evaluator feedback. We trained bid writing staff at the company on how to maintain the bid library, to ensure maximum effectiveness.

In addition, we worked with the client to create strong CVs, highlighting the skills, experience and selection rationale for all key staff members. We used our CV template, which has been used in countless previous successful submissions, providing this to the client to complete. These were then returned before being finalised and quality assured.

All supporting documentation was placed into unique, company branded templates, which can be used in subsequent submissions, helping the client stand apart from their rivals and enhance their prospects of success.

The company was very happy with the work undertaken, immediately implementing each suggested proposal across all of their teams.

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