Multinational IT Solutions

A leading multi-national IT solutions company, bidding to gain a place on a hardware and infrastructure solutions framework, in the South East of England.

IT Solutions

We provided bid management, tender workshops, competitor analysis and writing services.

Type of Project

Bid Management and Bid Writing

Delivery model

Remote working (100%), with one five day site visit

Lead writer

John Bilcliffe, supported by Luke O’Neill

Duration of the bid

Six weeks

Value to the client

£10 million over four years


IT solutions including hardware and software

Main Challenges

A large and very complex bid, requiring large amounts of technical knowledge

A short deadline for completion

The large amount of evidence and the number of supporting documents required to support each question

A ‘must-win’ bid

  • Geographical region – England
  • Output – 30,000 word quality response, competitive intelligence report and training and communication workshop
  • Weighting – 60%/40% quality/price
  • Submission – Electronic upload
  • Outcome – Won

This case study involved a leading multinational IT solutions company bidding to gain a place on a hardware and infrastructure solutions framework in the South East of England. They retained our services to provide bid management, tender workshops, competitor analysis and writing services, in order to win the contract and improve their long-term bidding processes.

The company is a multinational IT solutions company based in the South East of England which provides both solutions and hardware to a range of public and private organisations. They engaged our services to assist them in the completion of a tender for the supply of hardware and IT solutions to the DOE.

Because of the size and complexity of the bid, Luke and John were required to visit the client’s premises for five days while they conducted interviews, held workshops and started to write the responses. Through this they were able to obtain all the information required to make the response as strong as possible. The submission was very technical in places, and required us to liaise directly with the client’s solutions staff and management team through a structured interview progress to ensure that we obtained and understood all information, so it could be correctly contextualised in the response. It was imperative that the interviews were accurately recorded, as the majority of the writing took place when Luke and John returned to our office. Dictation software was used to record all information accurately so that the narrative responses could be drafted as soon as possible without the need to confirm information.

In order to obtain the required information, we held workshops based around the questions. These capture planning workshops proved to be very successful, as we were able to gain multiple opinions on how best to respond to the questions in the tender using the expert knowledge available to us. Topics were identified that could also be utilised in other areas of the submission. We were able to probe the management team, who provided us with the specific information required to make our submission stand out from those of their rivals. The staff of the companies we help always have the information needed for the tender, but our skill is in extracting it and making the firm think differently about the things they do. By working collaboratively with the client’s staff we were able to encourage them to become fully involved in the bid writing process in order to make the submission as strong as possible.

Owing to the short deadline, complexity and amount of narrative required, Luke and John were required to work solely on the submission, including working over two weekends, to ensure that it was completed on time and to the required quality levels. Some submissions simply demand such commitment, something that we offer as part of the overall high quality service we offer. Because of the size of the submission, we broke the questions into manageable sections: this ensured constant reviewing and continual improvement from the client, as once they had been reviewed by our external proof-reader, the questions would then be sent to the client for final approval. This iterative process ensured that we allocated time during the writing phase to incorporate client amendments while the questions were still fresh in the mind.

The submission was completed on time and to the required quality standard. It was the first large project on which Luke and John had worked collaboratively, and overall was a great success as the submission won the contract. The client feedback was very positive: they especially commented on the professionalism and ability of the two members of the Executive Compass® team. The methods from this project have been applied in future technical bids of this size and complexity, as they have been proven to be successful.

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