London Underground Bid

This project saw us utilise our bid management software to plan and manage the bid process for a London Underground station refurbishment project. Due to the short time scale we had to work quickly, utilising our bid acceleration process in order to meet the deadline of the submission.

London Underground

Type of Project

Bid management and bid writing and planning

Delivery model

Two staff on site full time, one writer working remotely

Lead writer

Neil Capstick, supported by Tom Sheppard

Duration of the bid

Three weeks

Value to the client



Rail/civil engineering

Main Challenges

The client had no intranet or bid management software in place

No existing experience of bidding for large contracts

  • Geographical region – London
  • Output – Construction phase health and safety plan, Microsoft Project Plan, Mobilisation Plan, Business Continuity Plan, various policies, 42 pages of narrative response, design and branding
  • Weighting – 70%/30% quality/price
  • Submission – Hard copy and portal upload
  • Outcome – Won

We were approached by a medium sized company with a company turnover of circa £70 million. They were bidding into London Underground for station refurbishment works with a project value of around £600k and wanted our assistance to make their submission as
strong as possible. We provided bid management, bid writing, planning and a design service over a project lasting three weeks, ensuring that both the content and presentation of the submission were as professional as possible.

Due to the short timescales, we used our proven bid acceleration process to ensure that all works were undertaken as fully and smoothly as possible. This bid acceleration process does not miss any stage in the bid writing process but rather accelerates and optimises existing processes into a shorter time frame. Bid themes, key differentiators and competitive
advantage are still analysed but in a much shorter time frame, ensuring that the writing process proceeds in a smooth and timely manner.

We achieved this by running concurrent workshops and interviews with key members of the management team, gaining vital knowledge and information which was then included within the final submission to make it as strong as possible. Workshops allowed us to train all relevant staff fully in efficient bid writing and management techniques so that the tender showed the capabilities of the company as fully as possible.

In undertaking this project we demonstrated one of the unique selling points that have made us the largest and one of the most consistently successful bid writing companies in the UK. We are one of the only independent bid writing and bid management companies which does not use associates or freelance staff. All our staff are directly employed bid
professionals who fully understand the processes we use, rather than using consultants who are often of variable quality, and therefore cannot guarantee consistently high standards of work. On this occasion it meant that our bid and tender writers were able to create a top quality submission by using proven, converging and mutually supportive processes within a short time frame.

Bid Management Software

As the client had no intranet or bid management software we used our own bid management software iBid². iBid² has been designed by us in response to a complete lack of suitable bid management software solutions within the marketplace. We use it every day for any project which is longer than six days or which requires us to manage large amounts of complex information. From experience, this ensures that we have access to all relevant information, which can be stored and retrieved easily, minimising delays in the bid writing process and increasing our ability to work closely with clients.

For example, we recently completed a large PQQ for a submission to the Ministry of Defence. The total time taken was only around five days but these days were spread over approximately three and a half weeks. We had to request, receive, review, edit, label and categorise and store over 820 documents from our client. iBid² was able to cope easily with the task and ensure that no document was missed and that the final submission was 100% compliant in terms of supporting evidence, company documentation and policies and procedures.

As we do not use freelance staff we were able to construct a winning tender submission quickly. Individuals who regularly work in high performing teams and are familiar with one another and the use of effective systems and processes are always going to build a winning submission more quickly and more effectively than a group of loosely linked associates. We
do not make the absurd claims of our competitors: we do not have 20 writers (one competitor actually claims to have 200 writers). In contrast, we have six full time, fully trained writers who all want your bid to be the best it can possibly be and are able to dedicate their full time to achieving this aim.

Like most of our projects, this one was a success and our client won the bid. They subsequently went on to win another three similar contracts with our help and we have developed a fully functioning and updateable bid library for them. This has helped to develop a successful relationship of trust with the client, resulting in us being their first choice for bid writing services.

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Request a callback with a member of our Bid Team or contact us by telephone on 0800 612 5563, direct to mobile 07739 407746 or via email

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