Health and social care services

A multi-million pound turnover, national care company, which is both a non-profit organisation and is also a voluntary organisation, Genericare, have just under 2,000 employees and have been providing support to people with learning disabilities for over 20 years.

Health & Social Bid Management

We provided bid management and bid writing services for two large tenders, along with formulating a bespoke mobilisation plan and an organisational chart which are usable for future submissions.

Type of Project

Bid Management and Bid Writing

Delivery model

Remote working (100%)

Lead writer

John Bilcliffe, supported by Neil Capstick

Duration of the bid

Five weeks

Value to the client

Between £300,000 and £500,000 per annum for three years


Domiciliary Care

Main Challenges

One large tender submission, totalling 25,000 words

Strict 500 limits for all questions, in complex subject areas

A timescale of two weeks for the submission

A business questionnaire submission, totalling 20,000 words

A timescale of two weeks for the submission of the business questionnaire

A large number of policies, procedures and supporting documents for both submissions

The formulation of bespoke mobilisation plans and organisational charts

  • Geographical region – England
  • Output – 45,000 words of narrative responses in total
  • Weighting – 70%/30% quality/price
  • Submission – Electronic upload
  • Outcome – Won

A multimillion pound turnover national care company that is both not for profit and a voluntary organisation, Genericare employ approximately 2,000 staff and have been providing support to people with learning disabilities for over 20 years.

We provided bid management and bid writing services for two large tenders, along with formulating a bespoke mobilisation plan and organisational chart which are usable for future submissions. These provide important evidence of the capabilities of the client, ultimately providing reassurance that the contracts would be managed and undertaken to a high standard.

The company had successfully been invited to tender for two large contracts for the provision of supported living services for adults with learning disabilities. Genericare did not have an in-house bid team and instead relied on outsourcing all bid and tender writing requirements. They had previously been using another bid writing company, Tendering for Care, but had grown dissatisfied with the level of input they were still required to have throughout the tender writing process, and with the level of success of the submissions produced. It was for this reason that they decided to approach us to take on the responsibility of completing their tender submissions due to our experience of providing high quality submissions with agreed levels of client involvement.

The first submission that we were asked to complete was around 25,000 words, split into 500 word method statements, and we assigned two writers to this project (Neil and John), with a timescale of completing the entire submission within two weeks. This required a strict tender management plan, to ensure that all work could be prepared, proofread,

quality assured and checked by the client in good time prior to the submission deadline. We agreed this approach with the client, including the provision of all responses on a ‘rolling’ basis upon their completion so that all sections could be completed and signed off on a continual basis.

We visited their premises in order to conduct detailed interviews with key staff which would inform the responses we were to write for the method statements, and once we had gone through each individual question with their Business Development Team, we went back to our offices to write up each response. All Genericare had to do from this point was to send
over any supporting documents we highlighted as a requirement during the interview phase and review the submission once it was completed by Neil and John, which suited them perfectly. To help Genericare we provided them with full guidance on the documents required, and why, in good time so they could compile and send all documents as soon as

Genericare were so impressed by the responses we wrote for their tender, that as soon as they had submitted the first tender, they immediately called us back in to write two more; this time a PQQ and a business questionnaire!

We went back down to their offices in order to review the tenders in full with them and to undertake the interview phase. It was during the interview phase for the PQQ that we were able to determine that Genericare simply did not have the resources in place in order to answer some of the questions in full. We never like to take work on we do not think we will be able to win for our clients, so we gave them our professional opinion that they should not pursue this contract. This is something that we are frequently asked to advise clients on – as a market leading bid and tender writing business consultancy, we pride ourselves on giving honest and professional advice at all times.

They took this advice into consideration within their bid/no-bid decision and decided not to press ahead, which left us just needing to complete one other another wordy tender in the form of a Business Questionnaire. This document required another 20,000 words which John completed in just under two weeks. Both projects were completed in a timely manner, without a hitch, and we have been assisting them in creating successful submissions ever since.

Both submissions were successful, with positive feedback received for both. This feedback has since been used to further develop and improve their bid library and the overall quality of all submissions that we have produced for them.

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Request a callback with a member of our Bid Team or contact us by telephone on 0800 612 5563, direct to mobile 07739 407746 or via email

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