Environmental Analysis Services

We completed a very complex bid for environmental analysis services, comprising of 28 comprehensive narrative response. There was a range of both technical and non-technical responses with complex answers requiring examples and case studies.

Type of Project
Bid management and bid writing

Delivery model
100% remote working, with two onsite interviews

Lead writer
John Bilcliffe, supported by Tom Sheppard, Adam Hartley and Neil Capstick

Duration of the bid
Five weeks

Value to the client
£2 million over four years

Environmental analysis and control

Main Challenges
A very complex bid, comprising 28 narrative responses

Comprehensive narrative responses covering a wide range of technical and non-technical areas

Complex answers which required examples and case studies

The large size of the submission, which was submitted electronically on a portal

Geographical region – Scotland

Output – In excess of 100 pages covering 28 technical and non-technical responses

Weighting – 60% quality, 10% presentation/interview and 30% price

Submission – Electronic

Outcome – Won with 58.7% out of 60% quality score

We were approached by a company who were referred to us, who retained us to write a tender for a contract worth £2 million over four years. They had previously worked for the referring client as a sub-contractor on the contract and requested bid management and writing support to help them win the contract as main contractor. Given their size and experience in this area and at the same site, the client was keen to utilise our services to
develop and grow.

The tender writing element had 28 questions in total covering a wide range of areas including: current capability and resources, health and safety, quality assurance, testing and socio-economic activities. Each of these questions required detailed answers and relevant evidence, although the client helped greatly by providing all relevant supporting information
and documents. Despite the large amount of information requested within the tender, the absence of page or word limits enabled us to provide as much information as necessary to make the answers as strong as possible whilst excluding unnecessary information. This provided considerable scope to reassure the assessors of the client’s capabilities.

We provided bid management and writing services to the client, with John Bilcliffe assigned as the Lead Bid Writer, supported by Tom Sheppard and Adam Hartley. Neil Capstick quality assured all content to ensure that it was of the highest standard. An external proof reader was used to assess the narrative responses for spelling, grammar and readability, ensuring
that the submission was as clear as possible.

Two on-site interviews were conducted in order to discuss the tender, gain information about the company and understand their plans for delivering the contract. In addition, we discussed the information that would be required by both parties and agreed an approach to the completion of the submission.

The submission was written remotely, augmented by regular email and telephone communication with the client to obtain and confirm as much supporting information and documents as possible.

Once we had analysed all the required responses and discussed the tender with the client, we agreed with them that they would undertake the technical aspects of the submission, namely the Testing, and Health and Safety Sections. However, due to the extensive Health and Safety experience which Neil has, he reviewed and strengthened all health and safety elements of the tender.

We were able to focus upon the non-technical aspects of the submission, and were able to use the in-depth knowledge to ensure that all technical questions were answered as fully and accurately as possible. This approach was appreciated and supported by the client, and has proved to be successful in all tenders that we have completed.

Some tender responses required the provision of CVs for all key staff members to be
allocated to the contract. We therefore provided the client with a copy of our CV template,
which has been used in many previous successful submissions. The client then populated
the templates and returned these, for us to quality assure and strengthen before their
inclusion into the submission.

To add a crisp, clean and professional image to the submission we used a graphic designer
to design the front cover, section pages and page templates, helping to maximise its overall
impact. Once finalised, quality assured and proofread, the submission was inserted into the
template. A final quality check took place before it was returned to the client for uploading
on the portal. Due to the size of the submission we provided ongoing support throughout
the upload process, to ensure that it was done correctly and successfully.

When approaching this tender we identified the following key issues:

  • This bid was a ‘must-win’ – this immediately placed greater pressure on us to produce a refreshed and high quality submission given the need to retain the contract
  • The submission was complex, covering a wide number of areas, both technical and non-technical. These needed to be supplemented by examples and case studies
  • The total number of questions and the amount of information required meant the finalised submission would be large. We supported the client through the upload process to ensure that no problems affected the submission

The main strengths of the tender were:

  • The company was able to provide strong case studies, examples and supporting documents to fully strengthen each question
  • The company was experienced in the sector, having worked in a similar role as subcontractor and was therefore able to bid confidently
  • There was a desire from the client to be fully involved in the process, including writing technical responses, thoroughly checking the submission and providing guidance on final improvements

The client was successful in bidding for the contract and was thankful for our assistance. The fantastic result achieved meant they wished to retain our services for future bids, including bidding for the contract we helped them win on renewal.

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Get a FREE consultation

Request a callback with a member of our Bid Team or contact us by telephone on 0800 612 5563, direct to mobile 07739 407746 or via email info@executivecompass.co.uk

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