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Details Of Our Tender Writing Services

Tender Writing Details

How can Executive Compass®’ bid writer services help you win more business today, tomorrow, next year, forever? Find out more by reading this article, then talk to our tender consultants and start working with the best in the business to ensure your success.

Why use our bid & tender writing services?

We’re sure you’re great at what you do, whether it’s supplying home carers, managing bailiff services, providing security, buildings or grounds maintenance, building houses and offices, providing business and professional services or looking after your current customers.

But unless you’re another tender writing company, we’d like to bet that your main speciality isn’t writing tenders.

Other companies outsource to you for their staff, services or products. They know what’s cost effective and time efficient to do themselves, and what they need to pay someone else to do. By extension, if you’re not writing tenders and bids full time and do not need to hire someone full time to do that, it’s more cost and time effective to outsource this function to an expert, like Executive Compass. You wouldn’t run your own payroll if you weren’t an expert: if you didn’t need a payroll manager full time you’d hire one in when you needed one. So why be any different when it comes to tender writing services?

We are here to help

  • We can visit your office – Collect your documentation, policies and procedures from your office filing systems, back office, website, etc., and write you up full tender documentation, writing as if we were you, with all the content produced by our highly qualified and well trained tender consultants.
  • We can work for you as and when you need – Eliminating the need to choose between paying a dedicated tender writer to, well, not write tenders when you don’t need them to, and using a member of staff who is not a professional tender writer to put together documents as and when required. Neither of these options is very good value to you.
  • We can review your procedures and policies – Rewrite them for you as necessary, and advise you on the documentation and certification you need to have in order to back up the claims we make on your behalf in the tender documentation.
  • We can produce other supporting information such as staff CVs – Case studies of good practice, etc., to make sure you have all your back-up information in place and ready to insert into your tender documents.
  • We can provide training – If you want to continue to write tenders in-house but need some bid writing courses and updating, we can provide that for you individually or in groups. As part of this process we can review your previous tender submissions and advise you how to improve them.

Our tender writing services use tried and tested methodologies that have been honed over the years to optimise the chances of success. Whether you need full tender writing services, training or advice, pick up the phone or drop us a line to work out how we can work together. We look forward to hearing from you.

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