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Our Tender Management Process

Tender Management

Are you confused about tenders? Not sure when they’re advertised or when and how to respond? We suggest you use Executive Compass®’ tender management services to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities to submit tender documents and win new contracts.

Writing a Tender

How do I keep control of the tender process?

The tender process can be both confusing and complicated. If you are not used to working with tenders as a means to grown and diversify your business, you can easily become overwhelmed and disheartened by the amount of administration and documentation involved. This could lead you to missed opportunities because …

  • You didn’t know the contract was up for grabs
  • You didn’t understand the tender process and didn’t submit the right responses at the right times
  • You neglected to send in the correct documents and certificates
  • You missed out answers to vital questions
  • You didn’t respond fully enough
  • You responded fully, used too many words, and your responses were cut off just as they got interesting
  • You submitted your tender documents in the incorrect format
  • You submitted your tender documents late
  • You didn’t know or bother to submit a Request for Information
  • You didn’t protect your documentation from other people’s Requests for Information and now your rival knows all about your pricing and services
  • In essence: you didn’t use appropriate tender management systems or services
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Our tender management services

Talk to our tender consultants about our tender management services. We take away all those headaches because …

  • We keep an eye on the most important places where tenders are advertised and can alert you when there’s an opportunity you might like to go for
  • We understand the tender process, what you need to submit and when. We should do: we do this all the time!
  • We make sure you have the correct documents and certificates, and that you include them in your submission
  • We write answers for you. If there is information missing, we will come to you for it. If we inadvertently miss something out, our proof-reader will catch it and alert us.
  • We are expert at filling up those word count allowances, getting just the right amount of information in
  • We don’t go over the word limit and we know how to write documents so that doesn’t happen
  • We will provide the documents in the correct format, be that submitted online, saved on a data stick or printed and bound professionally
  • We will complete your documentation in time for you to submit it on time. If you submit it, we can’t walk down to the Post Office with you, but we’ll do all we can to make sure it is submitted in time
  • We will submit Requests for Information on your behalf if you are not successful in your bid
  • We will show you how to protect your tender documents from other people doing this
  • In essence: can you afford to be without out tender management services?

If you require any further information or perhaps would like to learn more, then please consider our bid writing courses available in the UK.

Contact us now to discuss tender management services and how we can help you help yourselves to grow and flourish.

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