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Learn All About Our Tendering Procedures

Tendering Procedures

Just how do our expert bid and tender writers get you through your PQQ and win tender after tender for you. We’re running at a >80% success rate at the moment, and that has to be down to our streamlined tendering procedures which ensure your, and our success.

It’s all in the documentation.

You might think that writing a successful tender is just about sticking some words down on the page, in the right order, about the right things, and making it look a bit pretty, but this is not the case.

A successful tender submission grows out of three things:

✓ Practised expert tender writers who know what they’re doing

✓ Tendering procedures that have been honed and refined over time to make sure they win almost every time

✓ Documentation, policies and procedures

The first two are down to us, and the third one is down to you. Well, actually, that one can be down to us, too.

Executive Compass®’s Tendering Procedures

Our procedures and processes have been developed over a number of years, feeding first from our own experience in different procurement and contracting fields, and then from our work with our clients at Executive Compass®. We’re not going to give all our secrets away, but this is basically how our tendering procedures work:

  • We visit you. We come to your offices, talk to your staff, and get a good, outsider’s view of what your business is all about. This outsider’s view is vital, and we’ll revisit that later. We also make sure you understand how the tendering process works in general.
  • We go through your written policies, procedures and certificates. If they’re all up to date and thorough enough to give us what we need, fine. If not …
  • We work on your written policies and procedures with you to make sure they are up to scratch and can back up what we write on your behalf.
  • We put together your PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire) if you need to do one.
  • We get through that stage and on to the tender stage.
  • We write up your tender documentation.

We don’t just leave this to chance: we …

  • Write it from our outsider’s viewpoint, so we CAN see the wood for the trees, your unique selling points, the way you are differentiated from your competition
  • Check it all over with you to make sure it makes sense and is accurate and truthful
  • Make sure there are no gaps, and ask you to fill them in if there are
  • Pass it over to our proof-reader and editor to make sure all the grammar and spelling are correct and we haven’t missed anything out
  • Send it to our design team to make sure it looks great, highlights your good points and doesn’t dwell on any bad points
  • Then, and only then do we present you with the final package for submission
  • We show you how to protect your information so your competitors cannot find out what you submitted
  • We hopefully win the contract with you. If we don’t, you don’t pay the final portion of your fee. Oh, and we hope your competitors haven’t protected their documents, as we submit a Request for Information on your behalf to check out why they won

Contract & Tender Process

The contract and tender process is something that many companies rely on for securing contracts and expanding. In this video we explain how the process works and how your company can benefit from it in this helpful video:

So this is why you need to take advantages of our tendering procedures to ensure your success. If you would like help, advice or more information, please contact us: 0800 612 5563.

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