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Published Date: 23-03-2016
Author: Executive Compass

We needed our tender application to be swift as we had a tight deadline. I entered my first tender process at the tail end of 2013 and contacted Executive Compass. This proved to be an excellent decision. In essence I knew my company provided a very good level of service but if like me you struggle to present yourself in a way that convinces others then the team at EC are who you need to help you achieve this.

If you approach this expecting them to do all the work you will not succeed it is very much a team approach, you are encouraged and guided to gather the evidence needed to convince others of your competence this is packaged, proof read and tweaked before finally presented in a very professional manner.

This teamwork ensured we not only secured our contract, but achieved the highest quality rating from the process an outstanding result, thanks. Executive Compass worked efficiently and with good communication. We also won the tender!

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