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The contract was for us to support a new recruitment client with a Request for Proposal (RFP) submission for a temporary labour contract with Kellogg’s.


In July 2021, we were approached by a new recruitment client to support them with a Request for Proposal (RFP) submission for a temporary labour contract with Kellogg’s. The contract involved the deployment of several agency workers across two Kellogg’s sites in Wrexham and Manchester, with roles involving cleaning, supply driving, operations and logistics in a combination of day and night shifts. As an established provider of temporary recruitment services both in the UK and in the US, the client wanted to add Kellogg’s to their large portfolio of temporary labour contracts and expand their business further.

Bid Details
  • Geographical region: 

    Two sites, one in Manchester and one in Wrexham

  • Output: 

    Approximately 10,000 words across six sections and 30 questions in total completed by our team, with some quality questions completed by the client.

  • Weighting: 


  • Submission: 

    Electronically, by the client

  • Outcome: 



Our scope of works included the completion of approximately 10,000 words across 30 questions (with some elements completed internally by the client). Key topics included:

  • Staffing capability
  • Resource planning
  • Training
  • On-site management
  • Invoicing/payment
  • Business continuity (specifically in response to COVID-19).

There were no set word counts or page counts for each question—rather a quotation was put together based on previous experience answering similar questions, giving a solid idea of what was expected and manageable within the time limit.

A key difference between the Kellogg’s submission and others completed by Executive Compass is that Kellogg’s is in the private sector, whereas on average 95% of our projects are from public sector buyers. Whilst the content of the questions was very similar to public sector submissions, private sector tenders do tend to have more flexibility in topics and evaluation criteria, as there are no restrictions implemented by the government or local authorities (for example, a set evaluation weighting for social value).

Working with the client

As the entire submission was to be completed remotely, with all parties working from separate locations, meetings to discuss the questions with the client representatives took place over Microsoft Teams. Given the short turnaround time—around one week—one initial meeting was held, with subsequent contact taking place via email. Our bid writers sent multiple drafts over to the client for amendments until they were considered finalised, taking into consideration any new ideas or clarifications to ensure a high-quality, comprehensive and competitive submission was created. Regular contact with the client guaranteed they were up to date with the progress of the bid, helping to maintain a positive and productive relationship.

Challenges and strengths

A key challenge encountered when completing the project, included adhering to the quoted word limits. Whilst having no set word limit does offer more flexibility, it is important not to go overboard to overwhelm the evaluator, use more unnecessary ‘filler’ language or to write good information that is not necessarily relevant to the question. Applying word limits guaranteed Hannah still addressed the question in a concise, clear and effective manner, with some scope to go over or under if necessary.

Completing the submission also helped us build up a bid library for the client for any further projects completed (including another large temporary recruitment contract for a waste management provider), covering key terms, topics and client procedures that could be re-applied alongside any submission-specific information. It also improved our understanding of the client and their service, ensuring their unique selling points were accurately portrayed in a competitive manner.


The tender was submitted in early August 2021 and we found out in early December 2021 that the client has been awarded the contract. The client was very pleased at the outcome, leaving some positive feedback for Hannah, and ultimately enhancing our knowledge of the recruitment industry.

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