Patient Transport Services

Contracts for patient transport services (PTS) are offered by a variety of public sector bodies including CCGs, NHS trusts, police forces, care providers, and local authorities.

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The PTS sector therefore covers a wide variety of services, including:NHS and NHS Greenwhich Clinical Commissioning Group Logo

  • Police custody transportation
  • Court and prison transfers
  • Section 135 extractions
  • Mental health ambulance support
  • Section 136 monitoring
  • Outpatient appointments
  • Non-emergency and urgent transportation.

Unison, writing in their 2017 Patient Transport Services report, highlighted that there has been a proliferation of private companies providing patient transport services since 2013. A year earlier, Ambulance Today, noted that around 50% of patient journeys were being provided by the private sector, suggesting that SMEs have a firm foothold in the sector and significant further growth is still possible.

Writing tenders for patient transport services contracts

Our wider experience of writing successful PQQs and tenders for the care sector enables us to produce high quality winning responses which are aligned to the wider NHS and public-sector priorities.

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To position a bidder’s offering as an attractive proposition, we emphasise the level of co-operation and collaboration within their delivery model. For example, NHS and CCG clients place importance on supporting better models of care and effective relationships, which will result from a hands-on approach to contract management.

Our in-depth knowledge of relevant legislation, best practice, and how to maintain high quality care covers a range of individual support needs, including:

  • Persons with learning difficulties
  • Those who present behaviours that challenge
  • Individuals with acute and forensic mental health problems
  • People who have restricted mobility and/or physical disabilities
  • People undergoing physically demanding treatment
  • Confidentiality and ethics.

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Importance is placed on having highly trained staff who are able to follow the principles of the current NICE guidelines for violence and aggression: short-term management in mental health, health and community settings. Successful bidders will also be able to demonstrate that their procedures cover the appropriate use of control and restraint techniques and meet NHS Protect standards in conflict resolution and physical intervention.

Added value, innovation, and excellent customer service are common themes in most tenders we write, and the PTS sector is no different. These areas therefore need strong and original content which sells the unique personality of your organisation. An emphasis on obtaining feedback from service users and client staff is often overlooked but can demonstrate the compassion, care, and sensitivity needed to deliver the best possible service and continually improve the customer experience.

Similarly, ISO9001 certification is usually a mandatory requirement, alongside a comprehensive suite of robust policies, procedures, and technology-based management systems which bring efficiency, security, effectiveness and reliability. The benefits of these must be showcased and used to really sell your business and position your company as the best possible partner for the tendering authority.

Advice from professional bid writers

Executive Compass will provide expert consultancy, and honest guidance and advice. Our services include a ‘bid, no bid’ advisory stage, and if we believe a contract is not right for you, we will always advise you before you choose to bid for the opportunity. In addition, we are well-placed to look out for suitable patient transport services opportunities for your organisation and to support you at each stage of the tendering process.

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