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Most people may take it for granted, but every home and business is reliant on uninterrupted access to electricity and water. Since 2012, the market for mechanical and electrical (M&E) engineering has grown by almost 25%, with increasing demand for M&E services across domestic and non-domestic contracts.


Domestic contracts: With over 1.6 million local authority-owned houses in England alone, the majority of domestic contracts entail the provision of planned preventative maintenance, emergency repairs, and void property renovation services to a vast array of property types.

Non-domestic contracts: With the rapid expansion of the construction sector, new commercial construction contracts account for £17.7 billion (55%) of mechanical bids and electrical bids. In addition, maintenance requirements and a focus on making buildings as efficient as possible ensures there will continue to be a high number of non-domestic and domestic tendering opportunities.

Whilst some of the largest service providers and the industry’s best-known names continue to win major contracts, recent social value initiatives have seen buyers shift increasingly towards SMEs, with the benefits they can bring to the community being a core element of government bids.

The mechanical and electrical sector accounts for over 30% of all the tenders we complete, and as such we are experienced in completing successful mechanical and electrical consultancy tenders and maintenance contracts to many councils, housing organisations, commercial organisations and educational institutions, including:


Common topics in mechanical and electrical tenders

Whilst mechanical and electrical services may appear to be a broad topic in itself, we find that there are often questions within government tenders that are unique to particular sectors, and we understand the nuances of each.

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Our experienced bid writers are able to write comprehensive responses to these questions which portray the uniqueness and high quality of your business. Typical areas covered in mechanical services and electrical tenders are likely to include:

  • Quality management – buyers need to be reassured that your business has robust measures to ensure the best possible quality of service. Having the ISO 9001:2015 certification is a requirement in many electrical tenders, and as such, tenderers must demonstrate that their organisation can deliver right-first-time fixes and rectify any issues quickly and effectively in operation maintenance.
  • Health and safety – safe working in homes and businesses requires a bidder to demonstrate excellence through competency-based certifications such as GasSafe, NICEIC and CHAS, and some of these memberships may be a minimum requirement from the authority. Risks such as lone working, working in confined spaces, and the dangers of electricity and mechanical work will need to be accounted for and addressed.
  • Customer service – especially in domestic works for electrical tenders, contractors will need to demonstrate their staff can be not just a ‘friendly face’, but can deal quickly with any issues or concerns customers may have. This covers the whole team, from tradespeople to office staff and senior management.
  • Social value – a focus on the local community and how an individual organisation will benefit the region as part of the contract. With youth unemployment at approximately 511,000, buyers often take a keen interest in apprenticeship and return to work schemes that companies can offer to residents in the local area. Other focuses can include environmental concerns and promoting local businesses and tradespeople.
  • Mobilisation and service delivery – many civil electricals and mechanical contracts require providers to provide assurance that they can mobilise at short notice, have an understanding of TUPE, and have effective measures in place to recruit, train, and deploy staff and manage the provision of non-staff resources. This area may be outlined in the contracts terms and conditions.

Advice from professional writers

All staff at Executive Compass have considerable experience in this sector, having completed hundreds of mechanical and electrical bids and tenders over the years. Our proven in-house style will maximise the strength of your submission, conveying your business’ services in the best light, guiding you on your way to procurement success. View our services to learn more about how we can help you, or contact us to discuss with a member of our team.

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