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Cleaning Tenders

Cleaning services can be diverse, ranging from general janitorial services in residential areas or university campuses to more specialist areas like cleaning in hospitals or working at height.

Cleaning Industry Bid Writers

The service offered might need to combine several of these areas, depending on the buyer’s portfolio of sites, or simply the size and scope of the building. Cleaning shares many characteristics with grounds maintenance in terms of buyers and the rationale behind contracts. Client organisations include local authorities, housing associations, the NHS, and private organisations. In all cases, cleaning tenders aim to make sure sites are safe and aesthetically pleasing, all done to a high standard. For NHS cleaning contracts, infection control will form a further area of specialism to consider. Many cleaning contracts go hand in hand with grounds maintenance requirements in full estate management specifications, with others being a core part of full waste management solutions.

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Cleaning contracts

At Executive Compass, we have completed multiple cleaning contracts, for services like office cleaning, educational establishments and commercial cleaning. We regularly bid into client organisations that include:NHS Choices Logo

  • Local Councils
  • Schools, academies and universities
  • NHS trusts
  • Numerous housing associations and social housing organisations, including:
    • Stonewater
    • London and Quadrant
    • Metropolitan Housing Trust
    • Aster Property
    • Origin Housing
    • Optivo/Viridian
    • CBC Housing Group
    • Network Homes
    • The Guinness Partnership
    • Thrive Homes

Common areas

When it comes to winning tenders in the cleaning industry, both small businesses and national firms will no doubt encounter the same common areas. Topics a cleaning company may wish to consider before and during bidding are the following:

Interaction with the public: cleaning services will be customer-facing, so buyers will want to know you interact with the public in a respectful, helpful manner. As the frontline representative of the buyer, the cleaning business will need to know that you will enact their code of conduct and maintain their positive reputations.

Environmental considerations: upstream and downstream environmental considerations, such as water usage, are quite typical topic areas. As a result, ISO14001 is a commonly held certification in the cleaning sector, allowing you to immediately provide reassurance that your systems are sufficient to monitor and improve your environmental impact. Another area relates to your materials and supplies: safe and selective use of bleach will be a must to ensure you can balance an effective service with impacts on the local area.

Health and safety: slips, trips and falls are a potential hazard for floor cleaning. While sites will be appropriately segregated, the nature of the communal areas where service may be provided will mean the risk to the public must always be considered. This will go hand in hand with the public interaction questions to ensure foot traffic is redirected away from your cleaning site. Working at height would be another consideration when cleaning windows: depending on the size of the premises being cleaned, fall restraint PPE or rope access trained cleaners may be required, bringing further health and safety considerations.

Planning: as with many similar services, the proposed areas of cleaning coverage will typically be large, needing a regular schedule of visits to maintain their pleasing appearance. Reactive service will also be a requirement for many contracts, so you will have to demonstrate how you can meet required schedules and accommodate any additional needs.

Cleaning Building Interior

Advice from professional bid writers

Executive Compass staff each have considerable experience across all areas of cleaning contracts and can help you create a winning cleaning bid. In addition, as we have completed similar questions in other sectors, this allows us to convey how your service will work seamlessly with buyers’ other contractors wherever appropriate. Through a combination of this ability and our tried, tested and high-quality in-house style, we will maximise the strength of your submission and guide you on your way to procurement success.

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