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Published Date: 10-03-2014
Author: Executive Compass
Category: News & Insight
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Recent changes to the public sector procurement process are aiming to place even more emphasis on the quality sections of tenders.

The move will see lower scores allocated to the price section, which will eliminate the dictatorship those offering the lowest price have within the bid process. Public authorities will now be able to select contractors based on quality, environmental considerations, social aspects and innovation.

Good News for SMEs

This is good news for SMEs who are often outbid by larger companies capable of offering a lower price for services. With a stronger emphasis on quality, smaller companies delivering very specific services will be able to benefit as they no longer need to worry about being outbid or under-pricing.

With less weighting on cost public authorities are also hoping to make room for more innovative solutions to specific problems. Companies don’t have to worry about delivering a more expensive option if it is a better solution.

Contracting authorities are also aiming to reduce the bureaucracy inherent in the bid process. Less red tape for bidders and easier access for smaller companies will encourage more companies to start bidding and, as well as improving the economy, will create more innovation through competition. An increased emphasis on quality will offer more freedom to bidding companies, allowing them to be more creative within tenders, giving them a better chance of standing out.

To Bid or Not to Bid

These procurement reforms have created a better bidding environment, but increased competition can be daunting for companies new to bidding. We often speak to companies who are worried about bidding for fear of losing and we always give them an honest appraisal of their chances of success.

Before undertaking any work we conduct a bid/no bid assessment and provide comprehensive feedback, detailing any areas requiring improvement along with any unique selling points that could be advantageous in the bid process.

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We specialise in making companies stand out from their competition by writing winning quality responses, utilising your company’s existing experience and working together to come up with innovative solutions.

Whether you have been bidding for years or have never bid before, we have services to help you. Our aim is for you to bid less and win more contracts, whilst maintaining your company values.

If you are new to bidding you can download our Bid Ready Checklist here, to see what you need to do to start winning tenders.

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