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Published Date: 15-05-2012
Author: Executive Compass
Category: News & Insight
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As we enter the new financial year, and immerge from a relatively quiet spell in terms of public sector contract opportunities and PQQs, it could be said that this lull is the calm before the storm.

With the budget out of the way and all government spending in order, we can certainly expect an incursion of new opportunities across the board in the coming weeks, meaning more PQQs and Tenders to tackle.

The average number of high value, UK public sector contracts published on TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) has risen steadily over the last week, and we hope to see even more opportunities emerge in the very near future. With the construction industry also showing positive signs of growth, we can undoubtedly expect more of these opportunities to be construction related.

Procurement ‘pipelines’ were also published a few weeks ago giving details of public sector contract opportunities worth over £70 billion. These opportunities cover 13 sectors including construction, property, facilities management and police services, giving potential suppliers prior notice, allowing them to prepare for when such contracts are published.

In anticipation of this influx of PQQs, we would encourage businesses to prepare for the surge by making sure they have all of the relevant and vital elements in place. Having things like your policies, procedures, business continuity plans, staff CVs and accreditations all up to date can significantly speed up the process of completing a PQQ document. Being prepared will allow you to apply for more opportunities more efficiently and give you a better chance of securing a contract.

However, we cannot simply expect these opportunities to fall in our laps. Make sure your company does not miss out on any opportunities; actively source contracts by visiting online portals regularly, such as your local authority. Or for larger, worldwide contracts you can visit TED, as mentioned above.

Giving it your all on one or more PQQ or tender at a time can be hard, stressful, time consuming and potentially detrimental to your business. Outsourcing your bid writing can be more cost-effective in the long term, can leave you and your staff to focus on your core business and can also ensure that you do not miss out on any key elements that could be ‘make or break’ for the contract win.

If you need any extra assistance tackling a PQQ or tender and to increase your chances of winning, give us a call on 0191 265 5461 or email for a free, no obligation quote or simply some advice.

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