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Published Date: 24-09-2013
Author: Executive Compass
Category: News & Insight
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The past couple of months have seen a great increase in the number of health and social care tenders being released, leading to increased tender writing and contract opportunities.

In some ways this may be seen as a sign of things to come as the NHS is seeing more privatisation across all sectors. A recent report showed that NHS private sector tenders could be worth up to £20bn as a result of changes in healthcare policy, coupled with pressure on public finances.

“Despite many challenges, the private sector is increasingly providing healthcare services whether paid for by the taxpayer or directly by consumers at the point of use,” said Justin Crowther, one of the authors of the report. “Whether this is to turn around underperforming hospitals, operate GP surgeries, deliver community services or create centres of excellence in areas such as pathology, NHS commissioners are increasingly using the skills and capital of the private sector.”

The report also points out that the private sector already dominates in the provision of home care, care for the elderly and services for those with mental health issues or learning difficulties. As a company we have been approached by a number of care organisations this month to write tenders for a variety of contracts. All the companies have noticed an increase in the number of contracts being released and have said that at the same time bid management and tender writing is becoming more difficult. Many companies are competing for the same contracts, making it very hard to stand out from the crowd and submit a winning bid.

Executive Compass® has a great reputation in the field of care tendering and is an expert in writing winning PQQs and tenders. If you are struggling to win contracts and need help then get in touch to discuss how hiring professional bid writers can improve your business. Many companies use an in-house resource to complete their PQQs and tenders, which can lead to poor quality bids and also impinges on day-to-day duties.

Using an external bid team provides you with a full team of writers to support your bids, helping you to secure contracts whilst saving money. Contact Executive Compass® today to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you to start winning.

If you are currently working on a PQQ or tender you can send it to for a free quote for completion.

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