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Published Date: 18-04-2018
Author: Executive Compass
Category: News & Insight
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The Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud 10 framework is currently out to tender, inviting suitable suppliers to bid for a place on the framework.

G-Cloud was introduced in 2012, with the aim of shifting 50% of all Government IT spending to cloud-based services by 2015. The framework is particularly SME-friendly, and upgrades regularly to invite more suppliers onto the framework – the last ‘window’ was 2017, for the G-Cloud 9 framework. If you are on the G-Cloud 9 framework you must bid for a place on the latest version.

G-Cloud at a glance:

  • 90% of suppliers are SMEs
  • 2,847 suppliers are part of the framework
  • Every 6–9 months the framework has an upgrade and opens to bidders
  • Accessible by all public sector bodies (central government departments, arms’ length bodies, non-departmental public bodies, NHS bodies and local authorities)
  • £500 million of the sales went to SMEs last year.

What is included in the new G-Cloud 10 contract?

The G-Cloud 10 framework is split into three specific areas (or lots). This is now currently live to interested suppliers and you must submit your tender response by 23 May 2018 via the digital marketplace.

Lot 1 is cloud hosting. This area of the contract is primarily infrastructure services which can help buyers do at least one of the following: deploy, manage and run software, OR provision and use of processing, storage or networking resources.

Lot 2 is cloud software. This is cloud software services sold through G-Cloud and hosted in the cloud; buyers only need to pay for what they use.

Lot 3 is cloud support, and can help buyers set up and maintain their cloud software; this may be setup and migration, security services or training and ongoing support.

The framework agreement duration is for one year. However, the contracting authority reserves the right to extend the duration of this framework agreement for any period up to a maximum of twelve months from the expiry of the initial term.

The G-Cloud 10 framework is out to tender now, and is expected to be awarded and open for business from June 2018.

Completing a tender for the framework

Like all public sector tenders, it is a competitive process. The difference with the CCS G-Cloud 10 framework is that they are openly looking for a large number of suppliers, rather than the contract being awarded to a sole supplier, meaning organisations do have a greater chance of success.

The tender process will focus on compliance (ticking the correct boxes and ensuring you are eligible) through the selection/award questions, and also your experience as a company to deliver the required services.

Many firms may not have encountered the tender process before and it can be difficult to navigate the various documents and online portals. At Executive Compass, our team of bid writers have completed hundreds of tender submissions. They know what the contracting authority is looking for, and how to present your information in the correct way. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your G-Cloud 10 application to secure a place on the framework.

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