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Published Date: 13-01-2015
Author: Executive Compass
Category: News & Insight
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The New Year has seen the addition of two new bid writers to the Executive Compass team to help manage the increasing demand for our services.

A rigorous recruitment process took place last year to whittle down nearly 100 applicants to two new employees: Aimee Baty and Stephen Scott. Both underwent a three stage process, consisting of two interviews and a writing test to ensure the right candidates were chosen for the job. The writing test, especially, is set out to challenge the candidates as they are required to respond to an example question from a tender, in a short time frame. This allows their writing style and ability to work under pressure to be assessed.

The role of a bid writer

The role of a bid writer can be demanding and requires a specific skill set. It is not, therefore, always an easy role to fill. Professional bid writers must understand the specification and what is being asked of the client, and must have the ability to learn the essentials about a company in a very short time. They must possess unique writing skills and be able to use proven bid processes and techniques to ensure a quality submission is achieved every time. These qualities mean a professional bid writer is both cost effective and an efficient use of resources.

Increased demand for bid writing

The demand for PQQ and tender writing services is increasing dramatically as more organisations (especially SMEs) bid for work but lack the time and resources to complete submissions in-house. More contracts are also going through the public sector procurement process as it becomes more transparent, and further opportunities are therefore widely available. Our two new bid writers will allow us to keep up with this increase in demand, allowing Executive Compass to continue as the leading bid writing consultancy in the UK.


Aimee holds a degree in Business Management from Northumbria University and has spent the last seven years working for an insolvency firm, dealing with a variety of different cases and clients. Aimee is used to working in a fast-paced environment and managing a large workload on a daily basis – this will stand her in good stead for her bid writing training and she is looking forward to developing her skills further. When she is not writing bids, Aimee is interested in music and enjoys playing the piano.

Stephen is a recent graduate from Manchester University, where he obtained a degree in Economics, which included studying a range of business modules. His previous work experience has been target driven and he has dealt with clients in a range of industries, placing him in a good position for the competitive world of bidding. Outside of work, Stephen is a keen football fan, and enjoys both playing and watching the sport.

The bid writing training process

Fortunately for our new members of staff, they are amongst a team of experienced bid writers with plenty of knowledge and practice in PQQs and tenders across a wide range of different industries. Our proven in-house bid processes and systems guide the internal training we give new writers, which is delivered through masterclasses and spotlight sessions with the rest of the team.

Aimee and Stephen are already working on their first submissions, with guidance and support from Director, Neil, and expert bid writer, Matthew. The clients they are working with are from the logistics and building maintenance sectors, providing a strong start to the number of bids the writers will complete over the forthcoming months.

Looking ahead to 2015

2015 looks to be our busiest year yet! It is an exciting time for Executive Compass, as the team is larger than ever and has many plans to diversify over the next year. Keep a look out for blogs from our new writers over the coming months, to see how they are progressing and the types of projects on which they are working.

For advice and support with your PQQs and tenders, call us free on 0800 612 5563 to talk to one of our expert bid writers today and discuss how we can assist you.

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