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Published Date: 9-09-2015
Author: Executive Compass
Category: News & Insight
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As of 1st September, bids for contracts worth more than £10 million need to show a commitment to apprenticeships in order to support growth and Government pledges.

Alongside recent EU procurement directives, the benchmarks for a company to be successful are gradually moving away from a financial focus, as quality products and services have a higher weighting in the evaluation criteria for public sector contracts. The Government is showing further dedication to quality by introducing the criteria for larger companies to show a commitment and investment to encourage growth in the workforce.

Skills Minister Nick Boles said that plans to boost the number of apprentices would ‘act as a much-needed shot in the arm’ for UK productivity and the Government has pledged to increase apprenticeships to three million by 2020, hence the new levy being introduced to public sector bidding. It is said that successful bidders would have agreed figures written in to contract schedules to be monitored over time.

Added value in a tender submission

This type of requirement is already mandatory within bids for the construction and engineering sectors and questions relating to apprenticeships can be seen within social value, staffing and training sections of a tender. For example, there may be the criteria that for every £x amount of work, x amount of apprenticeships must be created to support this.

It is important to not only meet the requirements of a tender but use it as an opportunity for adding value, showing how your company has gone one step further. With the focus on quality goods and services, also addressing issues like apprenticeships and the workforce, it is a huge hint on how to score more marks and differentiate against the competition. As always, the best method to portray this in a tender submission is through evidence, statistics and case studies, to strengthen your bid.

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