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A question in the office this week prompted a conversation into the most weird and wonderful contracts Executive Compass has worked on over the past 6 years – and there has been quite a few!

In total, our team of bid writers are working on between 25 and 40 bids at any given time and from a range of different industries, so there are few subjects that we haven’t encountered.

We have compiled a few of our favourites to represent the span of our PQQ and tender writing services:

  • Cleaning of navy ships
  • The supply of training equipment to bomb disposal units
  • Design and installation of playground equipment
  • Eyebrow threading services
  • Nuclear decommissioning
  • Dog warden services
  • London Underground platform doors
  • Ophthalmology services… the list could go on.

As well as the more individual contracts, we see contracts for services such as: domiciliary care, gas servicing, grounds maintenance, supported living and cleaning on a regular basis and they make up the majority of our day-to-day business.

Bid writing training

Our secondary service of in-house PQQ and tender writing training is also delivered to an array of companies. Examples include: a safety and PAT testing firm, a pharmaceutical company, an events company and a national security firm.

The size and scope of tenders

If you are experienced in the PQQ and tender process you will be aware of just how much one bid differs from the next. Not only have we encountered a magnitude of different services, there has also been a wide variety of submissions themselves to complete. Some submissions are fairly straight forward and consist of data and few narrative questions and others are more comprehensive and require a large number of pages to complete as well as supporting documents, appendices and evidence. We have been involved in contracts ranging from £80,000 to £4.4 billion and it is rare to see a PQQ or tender exactly the same.

There is no correlation between a contract’s value and the size of the PQQ or tender documents issued, which can be frustrating if you are bidding for a smaller contract but need to spend time on an onerous PQQ or tender document in order to be successful.

New procurement directives do focus on transparency and simplifying the process, which has resulted in the PQQ stage being abolished for some contracts. This aims to reduce the administration associated with bidding and make it easier for SMEs to secure contracts, however the PQQ stage is still in place for the majority of contracts.

Experienced bidders

The array of different contracts our team has assisted with has allowed us to build up a breadth of knowledge and expertise in the bidding process. Whether it is a small contract for a sole trader, or a multi-national bid for a blue chip company, our bid writers have dealt with 99% of the questions typically presented in tenders and therefore are best placed to help you secure that all important contract.

New clients can sometimes be wary and say: ‘you don’t know my business, how can you write my bid for me?’ The way our team adds value to your PQQ or tender response is through our proven bid process, compelling narrative and knowledge of how to address and answer the questions in the quality section. The technical information about your business comes from your team in workshops or interviews, and we take that and present it in a format which best showcases your abilities and one which we know scores high marks with the contracting authority.

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