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Published Date: 1-05-2014
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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Bid writing is one of the most complicated trades to learn and it is important that all staff are thoroughly trained to professional standards. These are achieved through experience and providing your staff with the right training.

Many companies employ an in-house bid team to submit tenders for contracts, in order to meet capacity and deliver the best quality bids. Having fully trained and experienced staff improves the prospects of bidding successfully for a contract and saves the time and money lost in failed bids.

Improve Success

Your business may have years of experience, a full range of policies and procedures, and a proven track record, but this counts for nothing if your tender submission does not convince an assessor that you should be awarded a contract. Placing your staff on a bid writing course vastly improves your chances of success by developing staff’s skills and their understanding of bid requirements.

Regardless of the size and bidding experience of your company, attending a bid writing course will help you improve and maintain your success rate. It gives you the requisite tools and knowledge to help grow your company, by understanding how to meet the award criteria and constantly improving your internal writing processes.

Bid Effectively

You may have tendered unsuccessfully for contracts and want to understand why, so you can bid more effectively in the future. Bid writing training will help you analyse your mistakes and determine where improvements can be made. The result will be that you bid less and win more through effective strategy and processes.

If you are new to bidding it is beneficial, before submitting any tenders, to enrol your staff on a bid writing course to help them understand the bidding process and how to win the contracts that will help the business grow. Knowing how to meet the needs and aims of the contracting authorities will guide you in the formation of your bid and supporting documents so that you can be successful every time.

Whatever your circumstances, size or experience, bid writing training can be invaluable in achieving consistency and submitting quality, winning tenders.

We have helped many businesses improve their bidding success rate through our tender training services.

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