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Case Study: Modular Building Framework


Overview of the bid

We were approached by a new client to assist in securing a place on a Fusion 21 modular building framework. The framework was created to provide a full turnkey solution for the design, manufacture and installation of buildings and modular construction. Executive Compass have completed several Fusion 21 submissions, which tend to be quite competitive as they encompass a wide range of service offerings and are used by a number of public sector organisations.

The tender submission required 6,000 words of narrative across seven method statement questions. The questions themselves asked about design, delivery, site management, social value and environmental management.

In some respects, the submission is quite a ‘typical’ tender for our team, in terms of size, topic areas and the sector, but it is always important to approach the tender from the bottom up and draw upon the client’s experience and what makes them different.


There were a few main challenges to getting this tender submission right, and ensure that the client was successfully awarded a place on the framework:

Tight word limits for added value and innovation sections. Most of the questions had generous word limits, allowing our team to cover all the necessary information. However, the questions on added value and innovation were limiting. Our client is a pioneer in the industry and had a lot of great information that was challenging to fit into the word limits, requiring concise responses to be drafted at our side to meet what the buyer was looking for.

Industry-specific knowledge. Topics such as BIM (building information modelling) were mentioned by the authority, meaning a good background knowledge of sector and standards really mattered for this tender, as some aspects were highly technical. The bid writer who worked with this client had extensive knowledge of the construction sector, meaning they could advise the client on what should be included, what counted as a good standard and what the buyer would be looking for.

Standing out. The Fusion 21 frameworks attract a lot of bidders as there are many opportunities available with numerous public sector buyers. Therefore, it is important to make sure your company is compliant and stands out, to secure top marks in the quality sections. Luckily for us, our client had a lot of innovative methods to draw upon and considerable experience in the modular building industry.


This tender was submitted early July and is yet to be evaluated, but we had great feedback from our client to say they were extremely happy with our writer’s knowledge and approach. Working with new clients allows us to broaden our understanding and get to know more organisations, like this client in particular, a pioneer in their field with some great initiatives as a company.

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