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Our Level 2 (Commitment) course further develops trainees’ knowledge and understanding of social value, as well as supporting them to consider how the organisation might implement, measure and monitor its social value activities.

This will bring together discussions, exercises and workshops to recognise how your organisation can make a commitment to social value and deliver projects as part of a systematic approach.

The L2 course supports delegates to:

  • Have a clearer understanding of social value and the principles of social value in public sector procurement
  • Begin to understand the concepts of social value measurement
  • Have an awareness and understanding of the common measurement tools used in public sector procurement
  • Be able to begin to think about how your organisation can measure and report the social value it creates
  • Have an understanding of the Crown Commercial Service’s balanced scorecard strategic themes and critical success factors
  • Understand the impact of the minimum 10% weighting on social value for all central government contracts (from January 2021)
  • Begin to think about how best to respond to questions on social value in public sector tenders

The L2 training course follows the same structured journey that a committed social value organisation might follow:

General topics in the L2 course include, but are not limited to:

  • Why social value?
  • What is social value in procurement?
  • What does the terminology used in social value measurement mean?
  • What are the main social value calculators available and what are their key differences?
  • What is SROI?
  • How do you choose the right one for you?
  • How to evidence social value?
  • What does a social value report contain?
  • Next steps

We also offer bespoke and tailored training packages which focus on your organisation’s specific needs. This may be a hybrid package incorporating ideas from each of our two existing courses or it could be a new standalone course to meet your exact requirements. A short telephone interview and questionnaire would be required but we are confident that we can meet any needs you may have regarding training for social value in public and private sector procurement.

To discuss your requirements, or book a training session, contact us today.