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Level 1 – Awareness

Level 1 – Awareness

The ‘4-MAT’ system provides a complete learning experience, supporting delegates participating in the Level 1 (Awareness) course to develop their understanding of social value and the difference it can make.

The L1 course supports delegates to:

  • Recognise why you might be thinking about social value and your objectives for the course
  • Develop a strong understanding of what social value is, as well as dispelling myths in terms of what it is not
  • Start to explore how to approach social value
  • Think ahead (“what if”) about how you can create social value
  • Understand the impact of the minimum 10% weighting on social value for all central government contracts (from January 2021)

General topics in the L1 course include, but are not limited to:

  • Why social value?
  • What is social value?
  • What are the key definitions and what does the terminology mean?
  • What are buyers looking for?
  • How can social value be delivered?
  • How to evidence social value
  • What is the difference between social value and CSR?
Social Value Flow Chart

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