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At The Social Value Practice, we provide social value tender ready consultancy packages that are tailored to meet client needs. Find out how you could benefit from our services.

Package 1: Embedding social value

With the increased focus on social value as part of the public tendering process, we can support you with developing and embedding a social value strategy to support your organisational values and tendering goals through our social value consultancy packages.

How it works

Our social value tender ready consultancy package can be tailored to your needs; however, it would typically comprise three key stages:

  • Fact-finding – to identify your existing social value activities, benchmark the level of understanding around social value within your organisation, and establish social value priorities of existing and potential customers. This will typically involve a series of interviews with key members of staff, document reviews and competitor/buyer analysis.
  • Analysis – data from the fact-finding stage will be collected, collated and analysed with a view to quantifying the social value impacts of any existing initiatives (where appropriate), identifying priority social value themes and outcomes for existing and potential clients, and assessing current activities against national and local social value priority areas for consideration in future plans.
  • Reporting and options – outputs from the fact-finding and analysis stages will be presented in a report including options for an organisation-wide social value strategy for the future.

Why it works

At the end of the social value consultancy project, you will have a clearer understanding of how you can become a more social value orientated company, together with a range of options that you can leverage to better support public sector tendering opportunities and gain a competitive advantage. The aim of the package is to:

  • Better understand the contemporary social value in general, and social value as it applies within public sector procurement in particular
  • Identify an organisation’s existing social value activities and understand the impact these activities are having
  • Understand how existing social value activities can be expanded and new activities adopted to better leverage social value when responding to tenders.

Package 2: Social value tender ready

Many organisations already have established corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies and social value activities in place. Our social value tender ready service is a practical workshop to help you respond effectively to social value questions as part of your tendering activities.

How it works

Our social value support package can be tailored to meet your needs; however, the key areas that will be addressed include:

  • Awareness – enabling your team to better understand what social value in procurement is, what distinguishes it from other similar concepts such as CSR, approaches taken by different commissioning authorities, and methods for measuring and reporting social value.
  • Pre-tender – outlining activities and what information you can capture on social value when assessing new contract and retendering opportunities enabling you to align your social value activities and be better placed to respond to opportunities when the tender is published.
  • Tender responses – how to identify and respond to contract-specific social value requirements including what to include when responding to a social value question.

Why it works

The workshop designed by our social value consultants will provide you with a clear structure for approaching social value as part of your tendering activities, and you will receive a copy of our tender ready social value guidance framework to support you.


At The Social Value Practice, we are committed to providing expert social value consultancy and training, with a particular focus on procurement. Contact our team to find out how our services could help you.