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Social Value Support

Social Value Support

In 2020, Executive Compass launched its sister company, The Social Value Practice, to provide specialist social value support, both for tendering and as a standalone service.

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Social Value in Tendering

We are the only tender writing company in the country that can offer this level of support specifically for social value tender questions.

As the requirements for companies bidding for public sector contracts have adapted to incorporate higher weightings and emphasis on social value, Executive Compass has maintained a strong focus on this area for a number of years. The decision was then made to provide specialist and dedicated social value tendering support via our sister company, The Social Value Practice, leading to our unique value proposition.

For a lot of firms tendering for public sector contracts, social value can be a challenging topic in terms of understanding, measuring, and conveying outcomes. We aim to dispel the myths around social value and get businesses invested in social value in relation to tendering in a way that will support them to win more public sector contracts.

Who is The Social Value Practice?

Led by Neil Capstick, founder of Executive Compass, and supported by Dr Hugo Minney, The Social Value Practice aims not only to support organisations to meet the requirements of The Social Value Act 2012 and other more current policy initiatives, but also to help organisations to provide real social value within their communities.

The main objective of The Social Value Practice’s services is to enable organisations to win more tenders and our approach is specially tailored to public sector procurement. However we also provide support across all the other steps and processes that contribute to an organisation’s social value strategy:
• Assessment
• Strategy formulation
• Implementation
• Measuring impact and reporting
• Social value practice training (currently online)
• Social value certification.

The Social Value Practice’s core services are training and providing expert assistance in partnership with Executive Compass with social value tender questions. The two levels of training, L1 Awareness and L2 Commitment, allow the courses to be tailored to your organisation’s requirements. The training focuses on companies recognising their social value and developing their understanding of the topic, as well as the impact of the minimum 10% weighting on social value for all central government contracts from January 2021, and what this means for your business.

To find out more about how we can help you with any social value requirements, contact us today.

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