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Bid Ready Audit Services

Bid Ready Audit Services

It can be extremely beneficial to have a bid ready audit carried out on your business, to make sure that you have everything in place to have the best possible chance of writing a winning tender.

Bid Ready Audit Service

We can help you to get ready for your first bid, or we can make sure you are well-equipped to win the next one, by identifying areas of importance for application to tenders.

Your bid ready audit will include:

  • Collating and improving your current policies and procedures, or providing you with new ones
  • Collating relevant business information, such as accounts and insurances
  • Advising you on, or assisting you in, obtaining relevant trade accreditations and ISO (if applicable)
  • Collating references and case studies
  • Identify key performance indicators and unique selling points
  • Meetings and interviews with key members of staff
  • Identifying weak areas and gaps to improve upon.

Your bid ready audit will be presented to you in both hard and soft copy formats and in the form of a report.

The information and documents collated in your audit will also contribute to your bid library in iBid (our bid management software) making the completion of future tenders simpler and less time consuming.

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How To Become Bid Ready

When preparing to tender for a contract many companies simply wait for the document to be released before doing any work. To get the edge on your competition it is important to prepare as much as possible which we can help with.

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