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PQQ scoring system

PQQ Scoring System

When you submit PQQ writing documentation, you know that it will be evaluated by a procurement officer or other team member from the contracting authority. But how does PQQ scoring work, and why is it important?

You will find many different sections in a PQQ,
such as:
And maybe special areas like:
FinancialsOut of hours cover
InsurancesHoliday and sickness cover
CompetenciesStaff qualifications
Membership of industry organisationsStaff checking – CRB and right to work in the UK
Adherence to ISO standardsLocal office base and local staff
Policies and proceduresAsbestos handling policies
Social inclusionGas Safe accreditation
Environmental issues
Health and Safety
Training and development
References and current clients

Each of the areas in a PQQ will have scoring, and it’s rare for each section to attract exactly the same score. Typically, each area or section will have a weighting from the perspective of the contracting authority. What do we mean by that? Well, some of them will be more important than others. Say, for example, Council X has recently implemented a new green procurement policy. They are likely to place extra importance on your environmental policy and waste and recycling procedures. Council Y might be all about social inclusion, so they’re more concerned about how you will employ local people. Council Z might have had their fingers burnt by a company going bust on them mid-contract, so will attach more importance – and weighting – to your evidence of financial stability and sustainability.

If you’re lucky, the weighting that is being given to these different areas – and the PQQ evaluation criteria – will be spelled out clearly in the documentation.

It might appear in …

✓ The introduction

Typically in a table showing the percentage weighting or maximum score for each area

✓ Each section

Usually in the heading. This may well include statements that particular questions must be answered with a “yes” in order for your company to be even considered

✓ The conclusion

As in the introduction, look for a table.

Wherever it might be, look for that scoring and formulate your answers accordingly. Does Council X appear to care more about green issues than staff training? Make sure that you concentrate on those green issues and environmental concerns. But Council Z might be super keen to know how financially stable you are, and this might be something you can both highlight in the relevant section and include in the overarching narrative through your PQQ documentation, constantly reiterating your stability and business model sustainability, your back up procedures and disaster recovery plans.

If you can’t work out the scoring on the PQQ in front of you and don’t know where to concentrate your main effort, come and talk to the PQQ experts. We’ll help you get top scores!

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