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PQQ help

'Help' will most likely be the word that springs to mind for some people when faced with a PQQ.

PQQ Help

Get help with PQQ writing

Let’s answer some of those common questions about pre-qualification questionnaires.

What is a PQQ?

A PQQ or pre-qualification questionnaire is the stage before an invitation to tender, and allows the contracting authority that is looking for suppliers for a product or service to weed out those applicants who are unsuitable in one way or another.

Why should I complete PQQs?

If a public sector organisation has services or products to procure that are worth over a certain amount, they are bound by law to undergo a certain process to ensure fair competition across European suppliers. By ignoring PQQs, you are ignoring a large range of authorities which may be willing to buy what your company supplies or makes, doing yourself out of potential business.

Am I too small or too local?

If you regularly read our blog, you’ll know that public sector organisations are being asked to support SMEs in applying to supply the sector. So you may well find that you’re not too small to become one of a range of preferred suppliers on a framework, or to apply to provide one smaller part of a large contract. You will have to make sure that you have a turnover that fits into the specifications, however.

How do I prepare for PQQs in general?

As a general rule, you need to make sure you have all of the relevant policies and procedures in place and can supply up to date certification on request. It is useful to be a member of the bodies or associations relevant to your industry sector, and to have or be working towards accreditation to the appropriate ISO standards for your line of business.

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Who should complete a PQQ?

Don’t leave it to the office junior – a sales manager and your secretary may be appropriate people to complete the documentation. Get a team together who can provide the writing, editorial and organisational skills and cover each other’s positions in case of illness or absence.

How do I complete a specific PQQ?

Simple – read the questions, line up the required documentation, reference the documentation in your replies and send it all off. If it doesn’t seem simple and you need help with that PQQ, read the answer to the next question…

I need some help completing the PQQ

Plenty of help is available from companies such as Executive Compass. We provide a range of support services from coming in and training your staff to taking over PQQ completion for you.

What happens next?

Once you’ve got your PQQ process under control and you’ve completed a few, then you’ll start winning through to the next round – tender completion. And, of course, that’s a whole new story … Oh, and whether or not you get through to the next round, make sure you request that all-important feedback!

PQQ Completion Advice

Please see our video below for more advice on how to complete PQQs:

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