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PQQ evaluation criteria

Evaluation PQQs

You’ve applied for your documentation, you’ve got the PQQ questions in front of you, you’re desperate to get through to that tender stage and win the contract, you’ve updated all your policies and procedures and you’ve got a great team (internal or outsourced) ready to go. But to write a really impressive submission it is handy to know what the PQQ evaluation criteria is. What is the procurement officer actually looking for?

PQQs have a certain standard structure. There will be …

  • An introduction from the contracting authority – information of vital importance but nothing to fill in yet
  • Contact information for your company
  • Financial and insurance questions – usually requiring a yes/no answer and figures or policy numbers
  • Legal and compliance questions – have you been sued recently, are you in conflict with any companies, etc.
  • Policies and procedures
  • References and examples of work already done
  • A conclusion containing the contracting authority’s own policy statements.

Each of these areas will be evaluated by the procurement officer or a team from the contracting authority. They will typically score each area and they will certainly be evaluating everything you say to make sure you meet the criteria.

If you do not meet the PQQ evaluation criteria, you will not be invited through to the next round, the tender submission. It is therefore vitally important that you not only fulfil the criteria, but make sure you let the evaluator know that you do!

The evaluator is not psychic. They will not read between the lines. They don’t have time to research your company or look at your website – remember, they’re using this stage to weed out the unsuitable applicants. The only information that the evaluator will evaluate you on is the words that you write down on the PQQ forms.

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But who is evaluating whom?

If you look through the questions and note which criteria are more important to whoever is undertaking the PQQ evaluation, you will be able to tell if it’s actually worth your while taking the time, effort and resources to complete and submit the PQQ. If you can’t come up to scratch, you will be eliminated from the process, so this may well inform your ‘bid or no bid’ decision.

So use these PQQ evaluation criteria to help you evaluate whether to go for the contract – and to help you evaluate where you need to beef up your capabilities, policies and procedures to make you ready to go when the next one comes along.

Here at Executive Compass®, we’re very experienced at reading and interpreting the evaluation criteria on a PQQ. We know what counts and what doesn’t. Talk to us if you want the weight taken off your shoulders.

Why a PQQ might fail?

Why does a PQQ fail? This is a question that many businesses approach us with. It’s important to know what to do to successfully complete a PQQ, however it’s also important to to understand why a PQQ might fail in order to prevent this outcome.

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