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Completing PQQs Resources

Completing PQQs Resources

How do you complete a PQQ?

Completing PQQs can be a tricky business. Here are some pointers to being successful with your pre-qualification questionnaire. Read around this article library and refer to the experts at Executive Compass® if you need more help…

Success in completion comes down to three things:

✓ Understanding the questions

✓ Answering all the questions

✓ Giving the right answers to the questions

Sounds simple, right? But how many times have you launched into answering the questions without reading the accompanying information? How many times have you thought “Oh, we don’t’ need to answer those questions, they’re all about convictions and we haven’t had any”. Maybe you’ve thought it doesn’t matter if you can’t answer the question about having similar experience, because you can fudge it by writing about a totally different kind of customer?

Well, all of those activities can mean you’re “completing” your PQQ, but you’re not going to be successful in your submission. You need to pay attention to be detail, be rigorous in answering all of the questions, and give the contracting authority’s evaluation no reason to knock you out of the process at this stage.

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So, how should you go about completing PQQs?

  • Read the accompanying information
  • Look at the contracting authority’s website for more information on them and their policies
  • Read the questions through first
  • Check that you fulfil all the criteria – if you’re missing anything, it may not be worth submitting (but make a note of this for next time and see if you can improve your offering)
  • Make a list of accompanying information you need to provide and start putting copies together
  • Make a note of the deadline and create internal deadlines
  • Write the answers to the questions, paying attention to word count limits
  • Check that you’ve answered all those tricky little tick-box questions which usually appear at the beginning but could be anywhere
  • Have someone who didn’t write the text check it over for typos and mistakes
  • Check again that you’ve answered all of the questions with relevant information
  • Check that you’ve got all the accompanying information together
  • Send it off – before the deadline
  • Seek feedback. Read feedback. Pay attention to feedback.

If you complete all of these processes when completing PQQs, you are moving yourselves one step further towards success. And you must do this every time – don’t allow yourselves to grow complacent. It’s no use assuming that they will all be the same, or just sticking in the same information as always …

Are you finding it a struggling completing PQQs? Why not come to Executive Compass® for PQQ training courses for your internal staff or a way to outsource PQQ completion while retaining control over the process and contents. We work with you to represent your company as well as possible, and have a proven track record with completing PQQs in many fields of industry.

Advice for completing PQQs

The first stage of the bid process is the completion of the PQQ. Should your company be successful at this stage you will be invited to tender. The winning tender is then awarded the contract. In this video we provide advice for completing PQQs.

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