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Security & Cleaning Services

A small to medium sized security company based in Liverpool, Qwerty, has a turnover of just over £2 million. They provide manned guarding, keyholder and special events security, as well as patrol and response, asset protection, training and cleaning services throughout the Merseyside area. We provided PQQ writing, tender writing, policy review and policy writing services with graphic design and formatting.

Security & Cleaning Business

Type of Project

Bid Management, Bid Writing and Policy Review

Delivery model

Remote working (100%)

Lead writer

Matthew Walker, supported by Thomas Sheppard

Duration of the bid

Six days spread over three weeks

Value to the client

£900,000 per annum


Security and cleaning services

Main Challenges

A lack of client knowledge about the PQQ and tender process

Policies non-compliant with public sector tendering

The large amount of evidence and the number of supporting documents required to support
each question, including policies and procedures

A ‘must-win’ bid

  • Geographical region – England
  • Output – Policy review and refresh. Graphic design and formatting. PQQ and tender writing
  • Weighting – 60%/40% quality/price
  • Submission – Electronic upload
  • Outcome – Won

Our client was a medium sized security company based in Liverpool with a turnover of just over £2 million. They provided manned guarding, keyholder and special events security, as well as patrol and response, asset protection, training and cleaning services throughout the Merseyside area.

PQQ, Tender & policy writing services

We provided them with PQQ writing, tender writing, policy review and policy writing services with graphic design and formatting to help improve their bidding practices, so they could secure future contracts to aid their growth and development.

The company had no knowledge of the process of tendering for the public sector, having secured the bulk of their contractual work privately, and wished to amend their current practices accordingly. Their Managing Director did some research into the public sector and, after signing up to a local portal, approached Executive Compass® for assistance in gaining a
foothold in the sector, and securing more work. They believed that their model could easily and feasibly be extrapolated across the UK, and were hoping to use the public sector work that we would help them win via our bid writing as a springboard for private sector contracts.

During the course of completing their first tender we reviewed their existing policies in order to ensure that they were compliant with the relevant legislation. Upon review, it become clear that the policies in place were unsuitable for public sector tendering, even though they had served them well in the private sector. Therefore, to help them achieve compliance with strict public sector requirements we wrote three policies in total: an Equal Opportunities Policy, an Environmental Policy and a Complaints Policy and Procedure. To add a professional image to the submission we created a bespoke template incorporating the company colours, certifications and accreditations for the policies to be placed into. The first tender we completed for them was unsuccessful, as they had priced too high, but using this detailed feedback, they were able to amend their approach to the public sector procurement process. Following our input, the client won the submission, receiving praise for the quality of the submission.

Since then we have gone on to complete more PQQs on their behalf, with a more localised focus. We were successful earlier this year in having them invited to tender for a security contract with the local council. Unfortunately, they believed that they could tender for this contract themselves, using the narrative we had provided in the previous PQQ and tender submissions, and subsequently lost at the final stage of the process. Having requested and received the feedback from the unsuccessful submission we contacted them to reaffirm our working relationship to maintain and develop their high standards and success rate.

Like many of our clients, they have learnt that you cannot simply rely on copy and paste to win you more work, especially as the public sector becomes ever more competitive. We still complete documents for them when they have a PQQ or bid writing requirement, and we have successfully gained them a foothold in the public sector within their locality.

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